When our parents were growing up, their concerns about us were a little different than the ones we have today. Our parents would worry more about what time we would come home, hoping we would get home before the “dangers” of being out after dark. Today, we worry more about how to get our children away from screens and electronics, including the ones that live in their pockets. One such way is to encourage our children to exercise! You can do this by getting your kids a place to play like a home jungle gym. Here are some of the many reasons a home playground might be right for you and your family.

1. Jungle Gyms have endless possibilities

There are numerous playgrounds out there that you can customize to your family’s needs. With so many varieties, you can connect them to each other and even get one that’s indoors in case the rain comes! With each jungle gym design comes a new adventure waiting to happen. Just imagine the sense of wonder on the face of your children as they explore their new jungle gym!

2. You can include sports with the jungle gym

If you want your kids to get involved in sports, this is a great way to do so if you choose the right, customizable playground like those offered at Play Rainbow. You can install basketball nets and other outdoors sports systems as well to take your outdoor fun to a whole new level! This way, you’re not just getting basketball equipment for your kids; you’re also providing a full gym for them to go along with it. With so many possibilities, you could help give rise to the next sports star right on your very own jungle gym!

3. It gets kids away from the computer

Make no mistake about it – childhood obesity is on the rise. Why should you care? Because childhood obesity leads to obesity in adulthood, as multiple studies have shown. This predisposes your kids to cardiovascular disease (such as heart attacks and strokes), type 2 diabetes, and joint problems at a much earlier age than other adults. One study showed that obese children were 70% more likely to develop a risk factor for cardiovascular disease; while another proved that obese children are many times more likely to develop diabetes. A sedentary lifestyle, such as sitting in front of a computer, will increase the chance that kids end up overweight, but by providing a place to play, you can keep kids active and healthy.

4. When kids are active and stay healthy, they’re happier

It’s no secret that adults who have a positive body image are overall happier and the same is true for our children. A study from the United State’s Surgeon General showed that children who are a normal weight and overall healthier have more self-esteem than children who are obese. Why not give your children a place to play, and keep them healthy and happy?

5. It’s a great way to socialize

Whether it’s with family or friends, jungle gyms are large enough and with enough possibilities that everyone, of all ages, can enjoy them together. With swings and slides, there are numerous ways for everyone to play together. It’s difficult to get to know each other in front of a computer screen. When you’re active together on the jungle gym, the adventures together are invaluable.