There are plenty of things that can give you quite a scare when it comes to health. If you are one of those people that like to self diagnose you probably give yourself a good scare every time you check symptoms on WebMD. While most of these things could be nothing, they could be something as well.

If you experience any of the following and you don’t have a good explanation, a safe one, for why they are happening, you will want to contact your doctor about the problem. If you are having severe issues you may not want to wait for a doctor’s appointment, but rather call emergency and get immediate help. Better safe than sorry.

Chest Pains

There are numerous causes for chest pains. You could be suffering from a strained muscle, or the pain could be heartburn. You may have a gas build up in your system. However, if the pain persists, or if it spreads into your jaw or your left arm, it could be signs of a heart attack, which means you should immediately call emergency and get to the hospital.

If you find that when you move a certain way or stretch, you get a shooting pain across your chest, talk to your doctor. While it may not be life threatening, it could be a sign of other heart issues. Only your doctor can diagnose your issues.

Skin Issues

Skin issues are a dime a dozen. If you have small lumps that are itchy it’s probably just contact dermatitis. If you have a weird bump that is like excess skin, it’s likely only a skin tag, which is completely harmless.

Most moles are also nothing to worry about, but you should keep an eye on new ones when they appear. The safety of your mole depends on the coloring, size, and it’s shape. Learn how to detect a mole that may be cancerous so that you can spend less time worrying.


Usually throwing up is simply a sign of some bad food or the flu. If your vomiting is happening along with fever and chills, then you likely have the flu bug, and your best bet is to get some rest and hydration. If it is happening following eating fish, sushi, at a restaurant, or having eaten something off of a buffet, then it’s probably a case of food poisoning.

If neither of these seem to be the case, you may want to seek medical attention. Vomiting can be a sign of numerous illness, even cancer. The sooner you get checked out the better.

Bleeding Gums

Speaking of cancer, bleeding gums can be a sign of certain forms of leukemia, and so can a bloody nose. However, a bloody nose could mean you simply need to stop blowing your nose so hard or get a humidifier in your home.

Bleeding gums that happen when brushing can just be a normal thing, or a sign of gingivitis. If they start to bleed on their own, or when you eat, it could be something more. Talk to your dentist first, and they may recommend you see your family doctor.