Your family is everything to you, so it makes sense that you want to keep them as safe as possible. Without wanting to be morbid, a tragedy can strike at any moment. Sometimes, it is a freak accident that you can’t account for. Other times, however, an unlikely accident could quite easily be avoided. All you need to do is follow these easy and basic tips and then you will never have to worry about your family again. Here is how to protect yourself and your family from crime.


1. Shut the Front Door

Criminals can be very sneaky; it is part of the job description. In a lot of cases though, they do not need to use all their wit and powers of criminality to invade your family’s safety. Your home is one of the safest places there is for you and your family so don’t just let a random stranger let themselves into your living room and take whatever they like. The amount of cases where homes are burgled, and the front door has been left open or wasn’t properly secured is frightening. You only have to give a robber one chance, and you lose your valuables and your feeling of security. There are plenty of reliable locksmith services on the market who will do a great job of making the entrances to your house as secure as possible.

2. Install Smoke Alarms

On the topic of keeping your house safe, smoke alarms play an integral part. Again, a fire can spark out of nowhere and will soon spiral out of control. If you don’t give yourself enough time, you and your family could find yourself in a very tricky situation. A smoke alarm alerts you to any potential danger and also gives you valuable time to react. It isn’t just fire; smoke kills in seconds.

3. Light It Up

Thieves are a strange bunch. They have the guts to break into your home without a moment’s hesitation, yet any sign of life and they run off in a shot. As a result, you should always keep a light on at your residence, whether you are in or not. It is well worth the extra electricity bill to keep everyone safe and sound.

4. Forget Hiding The Keys

There are times when you wished there was an extra key under the flowerpot as locking yourself out is very annoying. But, for all the times an extra key would help you out, they can backfire catastrophically. If a burglar knows you have an extra key or just checks under a rock on the off chance, they can break into your home without any effort. As most neighbourhoods are not as close as they once were, it wouldn’t look unusual for a stranger with a key to be entering your house.

5. Do A Survey

Don’t go out and ask reformed thieves how they would break into your home; just have a walk around your property and do it yourself. Look for any weaknesses and note anything that needs to be corrected.