“I’m stressed out!” Admittedly, we all said that! But why do we really get stressed? What makes us feel stressed? And listing down all the stressors – there’s a lot! We may have said the same answer all over again. But the real question here is, have you done something that would help reduce the stress you feel? If you think that work per se is the main reason we get stressed out, then you better think again. In fact, not all people who love their work always feel stress.

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Anxiety! And whether you realize it or not, it would hit us anytime of the day. Perhaps, too much stress at work and/or from school since you’re worried about not catching up the deadlines, financial stress, and anything that makes us feel worried and uneasy. Anxiety affects our whole being – how we feel and how we behave. But of course, there will always be a solution to that matter. So, fret not!

By eating the right food, you can reduce your anxieties. Yes, you heard it right! There are certain foods that are rich in nutrients that minimize the feeling of psychological and physical stress. And mind you, it’s not just any food available. To give you some ideas, below are some foods that can reduce anxieties.



You will know when you are anxious since you will basically feel uneasy in everything you do. However, eating oatmeal every day helps soothe your body and mind to calm you down. This food contains complex carbohydrates that help boost your serotonin levels, which is also responsible for influencing your mood. So, if you feel like you are not in the mood to accomplish your task, you might have low levels of serotonin.

Aside from boosting your mood, oatmeal also contains fiber which is beneficial when you want to lose weight since it helps lower your cholesterol. And mind you, when you are fit physically, you will also most likely be fit mentally.


Dark chocolate

It is true that eating sweets can give you more weight. Perhaps, it’s not the right food you are looking for. It is definitely ok to crave for chocolates but – dark chocolates. Whether you realize it or not, dark chocolates contain more benefits and less sugar. It reduces stress hormones and contains the highest amount of antioxidants. Of course, to prove that it is beneficial to your health, it is your responsibility to eat the right amount of chocolate.

Moreover, dark chocolates can also improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. So, if you feel like you are having heart palpitations due to anxiety, a bar of dark chocolate will do to ease the symptoms.


Whole wheat bread

Do you know that wheat bread is more beneficial than the white one? Wheat bread and other whole grains help your stomach and body satisfied for longer periods of time since it takes more time to break down. Moreover, wheat bread also contains carbohydrates that help increase the serotonin in the brain. Again, when you have a high serotonin level, then you will mostly be in good mood.

There are also studies that show whole wheat bread reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome, lower type 2 diabetes risk, lessens chronic inflammation, prevent gallstones and other health benefits you can get when you eat whole wheat bread.



Not all of us get the chance to eat tiny blueberries every day, right? But do you know that blueberries are also a powerful food that packed with vitamin C and antioxidants? When you have these nutrients in your body, it reduces the stress and anxiety you feel. And eating a handful every day can help your stress away. Moreover, blueberries are also good for improving your heart condition, reduce cancer risk, boost your brain health and other health benefits you can have.



Almonds are not just your ordinary nuts. It contains Zinc which is also another powerful nutrient that naturally balances your mood. This is good when you are feeling exhausted and fatigue, which can also turn into anxiety and stress. Almonds will balance and restore your energy level, and helps you calm down even after a busy day. You can also expect other health benefits from eating almonds such as reducing the risk of heart disease, barrelled protection against diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases and many more.

Stress and anxiety are inevitable. They strike us anytime of the day. However, reducing these bad feelings is not just about eating the right kind of food and be physically fit. Foods are just there to help reduce stress and anxiety. It is up to you on how you approach stresses in life in your everyday situation.

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Harry Neal is a freelance writer and a blogger. He is currently writing for Paramount Direct, one of the top insurance company in the Philippines. He gives tips for life and accident insurance on his blog.