Our modern way of living often involves inactivity, sedentary work and a large consumption of food and nutrients that we don’t need. The ‘reaction’ to this has become a good regime of exercising for both men and women. Numerous Health Clubs open up in every part of town simply to facilitate this need to spend excess energy and ‘work out’ the body for a healthy life. Women have been at the forefront of this ‘movement’ and continue to stay on track as a ‘healthy spirit in a healthy body’ philosophy prospers.

What does this ‘routine’ of working out look like in simple terms? Usually a good start is a ‘warm up’ and many women would row the boat at the gym, 10 to 15 minutes, simply to enable the blood to stream into the muscles. Rowing will accomplish the upper body muscles to ‘warm’ up not just legs, as is the case with running or stationary bikes.

The next good practice would be the push-ups, climbing the rope or a set of squats activity. This will continue to stimulate your heart and cardiovascular system to function to the fullest. After this a set of weight-lifting exercises, or more group of group programs will continue. That will bring the body to a wonderful feeling of bliss/nirvana that finalises approx. 45-60 minutes of a good exercising and training. The final stage of a workout should enable muscle relaxation and some more gentle stretching.

It is not enough to exercise and expect good results to show on their own though. A conscientious woman will take good care of nutrition and that is where workout supplements become important part of every day diet. Let us explore what they are:

  • Protein Powder – they are not just available for men they are very important for a women and today they come in various flavors, vanilla being one of the most popular ones;
  • Multi vitamins for women – no matter how much vegetables, lean meat and fruit a women consumes today, often they are not vitamin sufficient so the supplements are advisable;
  • Creatine – a supplement that will ‘help’ those muscles regenerate/grow and stay healthy;
  • Omega 3’s – a fatty acid that the body is not capable of creating itself, and they are protecting cardiovascular system and all the cognitive functions, plus rebuilding the damaged cells;
  • Antioxidants – mainly berries of different variety, they will reduce stress and get rid of the major toxins accumulated in our system;
  • Joint support – that is a ‘magic’ supplement Glucosamine that enables joints to stay flexible and mobile as the ‘time goes by’ and we get older;
  • Folic Acid, Iron and Vitamin D – very important supplements for women and their ‘workout routines’

The supplements listed above are really a guide which means that every woman will know her body the best and the way it reacts to exercising. It is not a bad practice to try them all or the majority of them in order to ‘test’ them and decide on whether they are essential or not. Give them a few weeks and then make a final decision of what to use. And while this is all ‘happening’ it will be important to carefully choose what food to eat and have enough of sleep at night.