Choosing the right hair removal methods that suits your skin and needs can be tough. Waxing is often the ideal treatment if you are longing for solutions that give striking quality results. It is a method that is somewhat a solid in-between technique whose results last longer and are cleaner than shaving.

It may be painful but not as much or as invasive and intense laser hair removal. If you believe waxing is for you, then below are the ins and outs of this hair removal method you should know.

How it Works

Waxing gives a clean and hairless result that can last for several weeks. It is a semi-permanent option likened to shaving but one that involves the complete removal of hair from the root. Waxing can be done on almost any body part and done using different waxes and techniques for each area of the body.

From the arms and armpits, abdomen, bikini area, legs to the feet and common amongst women though not uncommon for men. Waxing can also be done on the face on areas such as the chin, forehead, cheeks, and upper lip. It is a hair removal trend with increasing popularity among the men with most estheticians in salons saying their girlfriends or wives refer the male clients. Waxing is fashionable and not something to be ashamed of, embrace it guys.

The Different Kinds of Wax

Waxing can be done with two techniques:

1. Strip waxing – A thin layer of wax is applied on the skin using a stick and pressed on the areas using a special piece of cloth or paper which is abruptly ripped off in the opposite direction of the hair growth to remove the wax which in turn yanks off the hair.

2. Hard Waxing – Warm wax is applied over the skin and spread using a flat stick or spatula and allowed to harden as it cools. The hardened wax is then ripped off the skin removing the hairs. It is not as painful as strip waxing since the warmth of the wax helps to lessen the pain making it an ideal option for people with sensitive skin.

Health and Hygiene Concerns

If you would love to try waxing, then you should familiarise yourself with a few things about it before scheduling an appointment.

Most waxing parlours require their customers to fill out a questionnaire to help them know their health conditions, allergies and if they are taking medications. The information helps determine if you are a worthy candidate for waxing.

During the procedure, ensure the estheticians place new, clean sheet on the station and that they wear gloves when working on your skin. The skin is often rendered vulnerable to infections and other skin problems right after a wax hence the need for cleanliness throughout the process. The esthetician should not double dip, use a new stick for every new application instead.

Also, ensure that you are given disposable panties before you get a bikini wax. The disposables are far better and more hygienic than regular undergarments.

Home Waxing Kits

It is possible to get a wax done at home. You can use home waxing kits and follow the same techniques of hair removal, but you should know the proper way of heating the wax. Nuking the wax in the microwave is wrong because it delivers an uneven heat and can burn the wax rather than heat it; just dip the wax cartridge in hot water and allow it to melt.

Tips and Tricks

Irrespective of where and how you have the waxing done, always adhere to the following tips.

• Ensure your skin (the area to be waxed) does not have acne, rashes, or open wounds.

• The hairs should be at least a quarter inch long for them to be efficiently pulled out from the root. However, you can shave the hair if they are too long, trimming them down does help lessen the pain.

• Since you will experience some pain, you may consider taking some pain relievers 30 minutes before getting waxed, but only if you have a low tolerance for pain; otherwise, you can soldier through the procedure.

• Apply an appropriate oil right after waxing to help remove any wax reduces. A bit of baby powder or some talcum to soothe the irritated skin and keep the waxed area from wetting. It helps prevent infections and eliminate irritations. It is advisable to take a few hours before showering (around 12 hours).