The head lice menace only seems to be getting worse by the day. While a few decades back many people thought it was caused by poor hygiene, it has become apparent that this is not the case. Anyone can be a victim; but the most vulnerable group are children aged 3 to 11, and people who spend a lot of time around them such as their families, teachers and daycare workers. Below are some of the reasons why these parasites seem to be getting more tenacious by the day.

  • Growing resistance to common drugs

Most of the lice treatments that are commonly recommended and used today no longer work. This is because these parasites have grown resistant to these drugs over time. A lot of research has been done over the years, and there is evidence that most head lice have become resistant to pyrethroids, which are the most common insecticides used in many over-the-counter treatments for lice. The problem is that most health practitioners still recommend products containing pyrethroids for lice treatment, which are ineffective.

  • Kids’ interaction with each other

Interactions between kids are making it very easy for lice to spread from one child to another. This is because of things such as pushing their heads together to take a selfie. They also share personal items such as combs and brushes, hats and hair accessories. Sharing of headphones also makes it easy for lice to spread from one child to another.

  • Ineffective home remedies

Just do a quick search for remedies of head lice on the internet, and see the crazy things that people recommend. Unfortunately, some people swear by these remedies. They include things such as vinegar, mayonnaise, olive oil, kerosene, and petroleum jelly, to mention but a few. However, experts maintain that these methods are unproven, and there is no evidence to support claims that they do work. In fact, some of them might be harmful to your health, and that of your family. They are ineffective because they only suffocate live lice, but they do not get rid of lice eggs; the nits. These eggs will still hatch and the problem will persist.

So what works?

Thanks to advancements in technology, there are devices that have been developed to help deal with lice, and these have had high success rates. The electric combs that are specifically meant for lice removal are very fine-toothed and are therefore very effective in getting rid of both live lice and nits. Heated air technology is also being used to get rid of lice. The devices are FDA-approved and are shown to be almost 100% effective in removing both lice and nits from hair. Another advantage of using heated air technology and electric combs is the fact that you will not expose yourself or your children to toxic chemicals such as pesticides used to kill lice. Most professional lice removal specialists have this equipment, and are the best people to help you get rid of lice. Forget about that mayonnaise or that pyrethrin shampoo you bought at the pharmacy; just call the professionals and save yourself a lot of unnecessary trouble.