imagesLeaving a carbon footprint behind is a drastic burden on the environment, and we can see that because the climate is changing rapidly and in ways it should not. Even though your lifestyle might not be as polluting as the industry can be, but every little helps. And after all, it is our duty to do something in order to stop the great climate change that is happening right in front of our eyes. There are many things we can do from our homes to stop the climate change effects, but it is important to know that even if one person does, it is still going to help.

Reduce traffic and commute

One of the biggest polluters in cities, and one of the biggest guzzlers of our natural resources are cars, and in order to stop them from polluting not just the environment, but also our immediate surroundings, it is important to work on greening up our commute. However, it is important to promote public transport as well so that people start utilizing our non-sustainable resources better. But the best would be to change to a non-fuel driven means of transport.

Use your energy wisely

We tend to take energy for granted, and even more so when we are at home where we are consuming large amounts of it. In order to become more sustainable and to preserve our environment, it is important to make your home more energy efficient; after all, if you want changes, you need to set a prime example of what others should be doing as well. Do not forget to upgrade your electrical devices to more energy-efficient types which will help you with not only saving energy, but making sure that you do your part in leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Support organic farms

It is important to support your local organic farms as they are working on using less toxic chemicals to grow vegetables. Not only is the organic way of farming a lot healthier, it pollutes the soil less and makes sure to use renewable sources for fertilizing and for growing the plants healthily. Moreover, if the food we grow gets healthier and more reliable, it will inevitably raise the overall health of all the people making sure that our next generation will be healthier and ready to reduce pollution even more.

Carbon Dioxide


The most influential thing we can do now is to focus on recycling, but not only the commercially known materials, we need to focus on reusing and refurbishing materials for building our houses as well. Container shelters like All Shelter are a great way to build a home cheaply and efficiently as the containers are built to generally resist almost all weather conditions; and they are easy to manipulate with so it is easy to quickly build up a home from scratch. However, your only investment will be in insulation in order to have proper heating or cooling in your newly built green house.

Get informed

Even though it might seem like a fairly obvious point, but it is important that people stay up to date with current climate facts and how they can help to preserve our environment. It is vital that more people get informed on what is in their might that they can do to prevent pollution from spreading even more.

Although doing a simple thing at home might seem insignificant, it will indeed help the cause for protecting our humble Earth. But it is up to you to make the first step and to inspire others to do it.

What we can do

There are a plethora of simple yet effective methods we can use at home to reduce our carbon emission even more, but it is important to inspire and support others to do it as well, because otherwise it will be pointless. However, even if only one person focuses on preserving the environment it will still be a just cause and it will have good results. Remember that by maintaining a healthy environment we will not only enable ourselves to have better lives, but we will be able to show and teach our children how to take care of the future.