The business environment is becoming more and more complex and competitive with the changing times. Organizations need to adopt certain digital solutions and software which can help in reducing such complexities and improve the way they manage their workflow and workforce. Field service management is relatively a new concept that refers to the management of all the activities a business organization has to perform for its customers like dispatch, delivery, reporting, scheduling, invoicing and handling customer complaints. With the advent of technological upgradations and solutions, organizations have started adopting certain digital solutions for carrying out field services management activities.

These include field service job management software which helps an organization by enabling it to streamline all its field services and properly manage field services performing workforce. The software works as a mobile application that can be accessed on any smartphone or smart device. The software may help by providing the following services:

  1. Schedule and dispatch:

The mobile cloud-based application helps the organization and especially field service management department of a company to prepare proper work schedules. The schedules help in proper recording of field jobs which the company has received from the customers. Moreover, proper organization of the field jobs and the point of origin of jobs help the organization to dispatch the requisite employee/technician who possesses the necessary skill and know-how to perform the job. The job is assigned to suitable personnel depending upon the proximity availability, location of the job and of the personnel who can perform the specific field task.

  1. GPS tracking and routing:

The software helps the organization to keep track on various activities performed by the technicians, their location as well as the progress of completion of assigned jobs. Moreover, the software helps in providing optimal routes for reaching the destination on time. It acts as a GPS tracking system that provides real-time information about the location of the workforce, office, and customers.

  1. Management of fieldwork and activities:

Accepting a field job and assigning personnel for completion of the same requires a lot of paperwork and approval from top management. Field service management software helps in the proper management of field jobs by quickly searching and identifying field jobs and deploying the necessary personnel to complete the same.

  1. Preparation of reports:

The software tracks each and every movement of its field workers. This helps the company to prepare reports specifying the time they have spent for completing a particular job and in transit for reaching the origin point of the job. Moreover, the reports specify any overtime hours spent by the workers which act as proof for receiving bonuses for the extra work.

  1. Customer relationship management:

The main purpose of integrating and adopting field service management software within an organization is to maintain a database of present and prospective customers. The software tracks the customers and provides real-time information about their needs, complaints, etc. Moreover, a company can filter the customers on the basis of priority and can take inventory decisions depending upon customer demand and trends. The software acts as a dedicated customer grievance redressal portal.

Field service software which provides the above services is being quickly adopted by many corporate bodies for improving their field services management system.