CBD flower products which you do not hear much about include wax, kief and live resin. They are unique products and simply provide another way to enjoy CBD flowers. So let’s look at these amazing products and how to add them to our daily food intake.

CBD Flower Products – “Wax” Eloquent

CBD flower wax is a type of cannabis concentrate that has become quite popular. It is an increased concentration of CBD so allows a high dosing method. CBD flower products include CBD wax which is derived from the hemp plant. Wax is a variant of sorts of the opaque raw oil that is crystallized and, yes, more solid.

CBD Shatter Wax

The structure of CBD Shatter is different from wax during the extraction process. The substance does not become crystallized, but it has an appearance of opaque and cloudy.  When heated in a vape coil, it has the appearance of honey. The final CBD flower products of CBD shatter are hard and brittle so if handled roughly, it will actually shatter. The molecules in the extracted oil are stacked in straight rows which enables light to pass through giving it the appearance of glass.

CBD Flower Products – “Kief if Up”

CBD Kief is created by removing the resin glands and crystal coating from the trichomes which form on the bud. These trichomes are removed to produce fine CBD flower products of powder rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Kief is often considered to be one of the cleanest ways to consume CBD because there is little to no processing or solvents involved.  Extracting kief is done by the use of a three-chamber-type herb grinder which does the fine grinding of the cannabis while allowing the kief crystals to fall through a screen into another department. The best quality kief should be usually blond or gold in color.

Smoking CBD Kief

When smoking CBD hemp flower, use a CBD cigarette or a pipe. you can smoke it as you usually do but first sprinkle a small amount of kief on the flower.

Baking with Kief

The CBD flower products of hemp kief must be decarboxylated before putting in the cookie dough. After decarboxylating and grinding the hemp kief, take a package of cookie dough from the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Divide the cookie dough into balls, press your thumb into the ball to make a little “well”. Put 1/8 teaspoon of kief in the well and press the dough around it.

CBD Flower Products – “Resin” to the Occasion

CBD live resin is a wax that contains a full spectrum of terpenes, all the cannabinoids of CBD and all the others as well as fatty acids. All of this is extracted from the entire hemp plant not just the flower like CBD oil.  These CBD flower products include CBD Live Resin which is extracted from the cannabis hemp plant while it is still alive or before harvest.

Sour Kush Live Resin

Sour Kush is a hybrid CBD hemp strain with a fruity, tropical taste and aroma in a creamy light-colored salve like product. The aroma of this CBD Live Resin is powerful in aroma.

Papaya Nights Live Resin

Papaya Nights has a strong fruit, citrus, and floral aromas and tastes and all these savors are exhibited in the CBD Live Resin better than in any other concentrate.

CBD Live Resin – How Do You Use Live Resin

A dab pen is a device between a dab rig and a vape pen. You can put CBD Live Resin in a reservoir of your dab pen. When you purchase a dab pen it will come with a dabber tool to make sure the live resin goes into the “oven” of the dab pen. Next click the button and it is ready to vape.

Dabber Tool in Self-Made Hemp Pre-Roll

With a dabber tool, spread a line of CBD Live Resin along the outside of your pre-rolls paper. Ignite your pre-roll and inhale and the concentrate will vaporize and mix with the smoke of your pre-roll.