Glasses are a pair of lenses which are framed to be worn to correct vision. Also, they can be worn for fashion’s sake. However, they can be inconvenient sometimes, especially if you are into sports. You cannot really participate in outdoor activities because of the fear of eyeglasses getting in your way, or falling off. Fortunately, those who do not want to wear glasses can opt for contact lenses. Also, they come in different colors and hence you can change the color of your eyes.  Contact lenses that lack FDA approval, generally the cheapest brands, can be made of impermeable materials which can harm eyes in a number of ways making them swollen and cloudy. Therefore, it is important to check whether they are FDA approved or not. Though the FDA approved lenses need to be used with precaution just to be sure.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Some Advantages of Using Contact Lenses:

If you have never considered wearing contact lenses, you might be amazed to know the benefits it offers to the users. They are:

  • You get a clearer vision
  • You do not have to compromise on style
  • You get creative
  • You get the utmost comfort

What to Know Before You Buy Contact Lenses For Yourself?

But the use of the lens for cosmetic purpose is here to stay. We all have been obsessed by the deep blue eyes for long and with this product, you can get a new a new standout look. Just like changing hairstyles every few months it might become a trend to change eye color every year or so. But you should be careful while buying such lenses as a cheap ink eye lens could cost you more than you expected. Eyes are one of the most important and delicate parts of the human body which needs to be taken care of more than any other organ. People should be warned by the retailers themselves to be able to take care of themselves otherwise followed by a lot of lawsuits in the process.

Contact lenses have been developed by scholar-researchers that may help people with color blindness simply by using a low-cost dye, according to research published in the journal Advanced Healthcare Materials.

Certain products for correcting color blindness are already in the market but they are too expensive and bulky and thus colored lenses with cheap ink can make way for solving the problem.

Some Useful Tips for Maintaining These Lenses:

  • Use a mild soap to wash your hands and a lint-free towel for drying, you want to hurt your eyes by the minute lint piece.
  • Once you remove your lenses make sure to disinfect, clean, and rinse each time.
  • Be careful about the right and left lens, you can mark and keep in separate places to avoid confusion
  • Keep the solution bottle tightly closed
  • Keep checking the expiry date of the solution and best is you put a slip for the reminder
  • Clean your lens case daily and let air dry.
  • Remove contacts before you go swimming.
  • Be regular in your appointments with your eye care practitioner.
Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

What Else Can It Serve For?

We all know about the harmful blue light coming out of our electronic devices which can disturb our sleep cycle and also cause minor but lasting changes in our brain. Colored contact lenses can pave way for the better and cheaper alternative.

Well for better or for worse like any technology it needs a lot of improvement and it serves not only for the cosmetic purpose but for removing other defects too. Let us see what future it holds for us.