One of the most common problems with a home is a clogged drain. It is also one of the most irritating problems whether a sink or bathtub. However, there are some tricks that may get the drain working properly again depending on why the drain is clogged but in certain cases, it might take a professional to clear the drain.

Drains take a lot of abuse causing them to block, eventually. Sinks often get the most abuse. The kitchen sink has food particles, soap, and grease draining, while the bathroom sink drains soap, shaving cream, whiskers, and hair. The bathtub sees a large amount of soap and hair draining. Overtime soap alone can build up, add the other particles, and create the perfect situation for a clog.

Home Methods to Unclog Drains

Several home methods can be used to help unclog drains. The use of a plunger is one of the most common ways to clear a drain, but other methods may work.

Using a plunger may pull the clog free of the drain or move it due to the pressure enough to clear the drain. If successful, then boiling water is used to make sure the clog is broken up and clears the pipes so it does not lodge further down in the pipes.

Boiling Water

Boiling water can unclog a kitchen sink that may have grease build up since this can soften and melt the debris so it can flush through the pipes and out of the home.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

The use of baking soda poured in the drain and then adding vinegar will create a foaming substance. This should be done in a dry sink or bathtub and then a plug or rag should be used to close off the drain. The amount of baking soda and vinegar used is generally either in a quarter or half-cup amounts. This is a safe way to unclog a drain of grease the builds up and use weekly can keep the drain clog free. It is also safe for all types of pipes and if the pipes empty into a septic tank on the property rather than a city sewer.

Salt and Baking Soda

Salt and baking soda can be poured into the drain followed by boiling water. This mixture creates a chemical that can soften grease build up in a drain. The baking soda and salt should be added in equal amounts, generally a quarter or a half cup of each. Then add boiling water to the mixture of dry ingredients will help to clear the clog.

Clothes Hanger

When a clog is before the trap in the pipe whether a sink or bathtub it is possible to straighten a wire hanger and use it as a snake. This tool is used to run through the pipes to clean them. However, using a snake is often better used by a professional since they can be many feet in length and go deep into the pipes.

Time for Serious Action

When these methods fail to work to unclog a drain, it is time for a professional and to find one, visit website and get more information about which to choose for your home. They have the tools to unclog drains that the average home does not possess or use safely to avoid pipe damage.

In some cases, if the clog is in the drain trap or past the trap home methods may not work. The professional may need to remove the trap to clean it to remove the debris clogging the pipe.

Keeping drains free of debris like food particles by using a drain screen in sinks and tubs can help avoid clogs and using one of the home methods such as baking soda and salt or vinegar weekly can decrease clogged drains.