Investing in your home is always money well spent. You get to enjoy it in the here and now, and later down the line if you come to sell you’ll get your money back- plus more. There are some upgrades that are not only useful for you but that homebuyers go crazy for. Here are just a few to consider.

Real Wooden Floors

Get rid of carpets which can stain, harbour smells and need replacing often. Wooden flooring throughout the home is excellent both from a practical and style point of view. Forget laminates, if you invest in proper wood it will last decades. It can be sanded many times so it stays looking new throughout the course of it’s life. It goes with any decor from traditional to modern so it’s not a design choice that would put anyone off. It’s sleek and elegant, easy to clean and just a good all rounder. Something you can use and enjoy now, and that buyers will love if you come to sell your home at a later date- even if it’s years down the line.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is something many buyers will be interested in. In some parts of the world it’s an absolute essential, but even if you’re in a cooler climate it’s nice for the summer and hot days and is something of a luxury. If you already have a system in place, regular maintenance from an A/C service and repair company will keep it at it’s best. If not, consider having one installed. It’s something that can give your house an advantage over others and could well be a main selling point for some buyers.

Solar Panels

More of us than ever are working to reduce our carbon footprint and help to save the planet, which we as a human race have had a devastating impact on. So solar panels on the home are something that appeal to a lot of home buyers- greener homes in general tend to be more valuable for this reason. Another plus point about solar panels is they help to reduce your fuel bills too. Having your walls and loft insulated can also help to cut costs on your gas bill, so another upgrade to consider having done which will boost value and be practical for you too.


Decking looks smart in any garden, and is a nice patio- alternative instead of boring concrete slabs. You can add different areas to your garden using decking too, for example a decked ‘stage’ in one corner would work well for a party table or barbeque when you throw garden parties. Alternatively you could add a garden swing or swinging pod chair for somewhere to relax. If you’re not selling for a number of years, consider composite decking. Because this is made with equal parts wood and plastic fibres it’s incredibly long lasting, doesn’t rot and doesn’t need sanding or oiling regularly like standard decking. If you have a smaller garden, decking can make the most of the space and turn it into something much more usable- again something homebuyers are going to be looking for.