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Camping trips are great ways for fathers and sons to bond and make memories together. A great camping trip is also relatively easy to plan in comparison to other vacations, provided you take the proper planning steps in advance. Here are four of the best ways to ensure you and your son will have an amazing and unforgettable time on your next camping trip.


Plan to Do Some Fishing

An integral part of the camping experience is going fishing. Find a campground that is near a public lake or river where you and your son can spend a few hours casting out for fish. Also be sure to bring along plenty of tackle, as new anglers often end up getting snagged on underwater debris.


Go Hunting

Depending on where you go camping and what is in season, hunting can always be a great bonding experience. Father can teach their sons not only how to hunt, but how to set traps, how to skin, and many other skills that come with hunting. This can be a very valuable experience as it can teach your son how to respect all of life and how to be thankful for each meal as well.


Go Tracking

Tracking is also great if you just want to see some wildlife that you normally don’t get to see. This is also very helpful for hunting purposes as well, but it is also great if you want to just find different animals and take pictures. However, this is something that you want to stay together on and make sure you keep your distance from what you are tracking. This will keep both of you safe from disturbing any potentially aggressive animals and their habitats.


Find a Somewhat Primitive Campground

Many people these days go camping with so many luxuries that they never really get the full experience of primitive camping. If you want to do something completely out of the ordinary, try to find a campground that’s a bit remote and harder to get to. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to work only with what you can carry in on your back. Camping trailers are a good compromise means of bringing essentials to your campground without providing so many luxuries that it defeats the purpose of going camping in the first place.


Do Some Hiking

Hiking around your camping area is an excellent way to explore the natural world and get some great exercise at the same time. If your son is at all interested in nature, spending a day on hiking trails near your campground will be a real treat for him. Try to find a campground that has trails in or near it. In many cases, state parks offer a good combination of campgrounds and hiking amenities.


Teach Your Son Useful Outdoor Skills

One of the best parts about father-son camping trips is the opportunity they provide for you to pass down valuable skills to your son. If your son is old enough, try to teach him basic outdoor skills like building a fire, cleaning fish and purifying water. These skills will stay with him for a lifetime and, someday, perhaps be passed onto your grandchildren as well.


These are just some of the ways you can make your next father-son camping trip memorable. If you want to have a great time and bond with your son, taking him on a camping expedition is the perfect way to do it.