Whether you plan to sell or reside in the home you own, there are a number of ways to freshen up the appearance and add value to your property.  While remodeling and renovating have long been common ways to redesign a home, in recent years there has been a surge in the trends of DIY, up-cycling, and bargain-hunting, too.  

There are numerous television programs that feature techniques many homeowners can accomplish themselves.  Other projects, like installing a dream pool in the backyard will require professional contractors.  So where do you begin your home’s facelift and how do you get the most bang for your buck?

The Heart of a Home

Most will agree that the kitchen is most important room in a home.  If the space is not functional, lighting is poor, or appliances aren’t in working order you may not enjoy your cooking experience and your guests may not feel at ease during get-togethers.

To kick up the kitchen, consider first a new coat of paint.  Bold colors like red and yellow stimulate the appetite, but if selling your home is the plan, neutral colors like beige and gray appeal to the majority of potential buyers.

If your kitchen has an outdated lighting fixture, search for a suitable replacement to refine the atmosphere.  Avoid casting shadows over your cooking and chopping surfaces.  Under-cabinet LED lights make for a low-energy and convenient option that can increase the appearance of countertop space.

To spruce up your cabinets without replacing them, consider changing the hardware or painting them a color that complements the walls.

Beautify Your Bath

The next step in your renovation should take you to the bathroom.  This is a high traffic area, so it needs to be a functional space that is aesthetically pleasing.  Fresh paint is a great idea here, too.

Vinyl flooring is an easy and inexpensive way to cover up an outdated or worn floor.  In most cases the vinyl can be applied directly over the current floor without going to the trouble of ripping anything out.

So long as your bathroom has adequate storage without utilizing a vanity, a pedestal sink adds a space-saving and refined look to your room.  If the current light fixtures don’t provide flattering light, you can replace them with fixtures that cast a more favorable glow.

Enticing Entryway

The front door of your home sets the tone upon entering and exiting.  A flimsy door, poorly-functioning latch, or worn out threshold cast a negative appearance on the whole house.  Choose a solid door with a pleasing pattern and a color or woodgrain that ties the outdoor façade together.  Pick a substantial knob or latch that adds character and works effortlessly.  Paint or replace the threshold to match the doorway trim, and your entryway shall be a welcoming sight.