As the last weeks of autumn approach, we are quickly made to realize that the long chain of holidays is also not far behind. Weeks of rich foods, family gatherings, and traveling is how you will spend the rest of the year. When families gather, photographs are taken and grand events are planned. If you and your family want to attend these holiday events in coordinated outfits, there are many clever and efficient ways you can achieve this goal.


  1. Pick A Simple Color Scheme


When your family consists of a combination of genders and complex personalities, it is impossible to coordinate your family’s outfits if you only choose one color. There are certain colors that people in your family may not enjoy wearing. They may not own an article of clothing in that particular color. The best way to coordinate your family’s outfits to use a combination of a few colors to create a color scheme. This will allow your family to have more realistic options when it comes to finding and wearing articles of clothing of a certain color. It’ll be much easier to provide your family members with an option of a few color combinations that match the overall scheme.


  1. Match The Accessories


A clever alternative to coordinating your family’s outfits is to coordinate each family member’s individual accessories. This can be done in multiple ways. If your family is a combination of male and female members, coordinate the females to wear the same hair accessories. This can consist of matching headbands, ribbons, hair clips, or hair ties. Depending on the type of event your family is preparing for, the women can even decide to wear matching fashion accessories, such as matching purses. Chanel bags are the height of fashion and are available in a myriad of colors and designs. They’re also expensive, so consider finding Chanel bags for sale at local department stores and online. The male family members can wear matching neckties, hats, belts, or jewelry to coordinate their outfits.


  1. Keep Patterns and Designs In The Family


Fashion is a very diverse genre. While many people enjoy the simplicity of solid colors, others love to venture on the wild outer fringe of fashion and often wear clothing that consists of patterns and designs. When it’s time to coordinate the outfits of your family members, patterns and designs can actually help you achieve a cohesive family appearance. This can be done by choosing a specific design or pattern and ensuring that each family member is wearing an article of clothing with that pattern. For instance, if you’ve chosen a flannel pattern, the men can wear flannel shirts while the women can wear flannel skirts or flannel scarves.


  1. Go With A Theme


The outfits your family wears for a special event don’t have to consist of matching patterns or colors to be recognized as a coordinated effort. There are such outfit coordination attempts that don’t match. These are called fashion themes. Creating a fashion theme can be as simple as choosing to only wear clothes worn during a certain era of history or clothes worn during a particular season. Although the members of your family won’t choose the same exact outfit to wear, the clothes will all obviously be coordinated due to their links to a central overall theme.


  1. Choose A Clothing Collection


If you’re having trouble coordinating the outfits of your family members and find your creative inspiration to be lacking, a simple solution is to instead use a popular clothing line as your default selection. Many popular fashion designers and fashion labels create clothing collections as part of a seasonal trend or a style trend. You can give your family members detailed instructions regarding the collection and then direct them to the appropriate department store or online store so that they can purchase outfits that will coordinate perfectly with one another.


Family members that require clothing in special sizes need to be considered when coordinating outfits. Be sure that the outfits you’ve coordinated can be purchased in the appropriate size.