Planning your second wedding should really be quite a bit easier than planning your first wedding was because you already know what to expect. However, you may be filled with concerns about family members’ hurt feelings or about etiquette for second weddings. Use this guide to get the process started and to calm your fears so that you can celebrate with joy and a free mind on your special day.

Make It Your Own

Most likely, your first wedding was planned partially by you but quite a bit by your friends and family. You may have felt as if everyone had a right to have a say in how you celebrated your vows. With your second wedding, you can feel freer to do things your way by making little and big decisions yourself with the guidance of your fiancé. Remember that you call the shots in how things are done. If your first wedding was fairly traditional, consider mixing things up with your second wedding to make it memorable. Choose the number of guests, the location, the flowers and the food based on your wishes, not on societal norms.

Consider an Alternative Ceremony

Speaking of feeling free to make changes, you may want to make this ceremony as different as possible from your first wedding. If your first wedding was in a church, consider an outdoor ceremony. If you first got married in your hometown, consider inviting close friends and family members to a destination wedding. If you got married first before a judge in a courthouse, consider a blowout affair with hundreds of guests.

Prep Yourself

As you have aged, you may feel that you do not look as young and vibrant for your second wedding as you did for your first. Consider visiting a spa shortly before your big day for a body wrap and a facial. Be sure to visit your stylist for a clean cut and style and to look into getting a special wedding style for your big day. Finally, remember that your smile will feature in nearly all of your wedding photographs. Look into some dental care in Alameda TX, getting tooth whitening treatment that will give you a smile that will light up the room.

Include Your Family

With your second marriage, chances are high that you or your soon-to-be-spouse have children from your first marriages. You can honor your children and help them to feel like they are significant parts in this new phase of your life by including them in your ceremony. Depending on their ages, you could ask them to serve as ring bearers, flower girls or bridesmaids. If they do not want such a central roll, you could ask them to provide a reading or sing a special number. At the reception, be sure to take the time to reserve a special dance for them.

Do Not Skip the Registry

You may feel uncomfortable registering at one or more stores for your second wedding and may think that people will view this as poor form. However, there is actually no rule of etiquette against registering for a second wedding although you should be aware that some people may not choose to give you traditional gifts. However, because you most likely have everything you need for keeping house, you may want to consider a less traditional registry, such as a charity registry where guests can donate money to your favorite cause in lieu of a gift. Another option would be a honeymoon registry where guests can give money towards your big trip.

The beauty of planning a second wedding is that you can create a day that you will enjoy. You do not have to worry so much about pleasing everyone around you as long as you and your spouse-to-be are happy with the plan. Feel free to think outside of the box whether in your ceremony location or in your reception food offerings and go as simple or as elaborate as makes you happy.