The requirement of water purifier is not new in this age of pollution. The precious element on the earth, water is also contaminated by various pollutants, and now it is not easy to get clean and pure water from any of the natural sources available in any area. Why do you need a water purifier? As we know the primitive methods of filtering water which includes sedimentation, filtration and sand based methods which satisfied people at that time. But with the escapement of freshwater sources and with the increase of pollution of water level, the science and technology have added their best-proven methods to win over this 20-20 situation.

Using an Aquafresh water purifier helps in removing chemicals which are hazardous like cyanide, calcium, lead, magnesium, sodium and its likes are segregated from the water to deliver pure water. Along with the chemicals, some health concerning organisms like bacteria, protozoans, viruses is filtered by using the Aquafresh Water Purifier.


So where the water to purify in the Aquafresh water purifier do comes from? Leaving behind the cold water supply, the water that is purified under this system comes from water bodies like rivers, lakes, well and sea. The mechanism used in purifying water coming from different water bodies involves unique mechanism.

Use of high-pressure pump which pressurizes the semi-permeable membrane to prevent the brackish or sea water from passing through helps in the first stage to remove certain impurities. Only water molecules are allowed to pass through the small pores, and substances like salt, minerals and organic material are restricted from passing through. The small pores have greater presentability to fight against bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. The last stage follows in which clean and purified water comes through and all the other particles settle down.

Semi-permeable Membrane

As the technology-induced in water purifier consists of a reverse osmosis system and even UV, the semi-permeable present in Aquafresh water purifier balances the pressure on either side. As osmosis is a reverse process of movement of water molecules across a membrane, the semi-permeable membrane helps in doing so. As being economical, the system removes dissolves salts, minerals, contaminants, and the likes. Rejection membranes help in to achieve this pure water from the brackish, dirty water.

Peculiar Features

Unlike other water filters, this particular water purifier consists of all of its accessories inside its cover like a compact box but works like a miracle in providing water free from diseases arising out of impure water. It also increases the immune level, and due to the configuration of magnetic softener, Aquafresh water purifier helps in attracting all the iron particles and sending water of pure taste and good odour.

If you are residing in a good locality of adequate electricity and high water level, Aquafresh water Purifier is the best product to suit your kitchen. You can choose this water purifier as per your quality of water at an affordable price. In short or in the long run, these points will guide you to get one.

With the quality of water in the present day, every family around the globe would want their pedigree to drink clean water and to live a healthy life. Aquafresh Ro is the best – developed technology as a water purifier. It has got three purification stages which include one RO and a UV one. The bad taste or odour that some water purifiers provide after use is absent in Aquafresh because it contains a magnetic softener which succumbs all iron particles and allows free flow of clean water of good taste.