Garages serve more functionality than a mere shelter for vehicles. Besides parking their four-wheelers, most homeowners use this space for storage, physical activity, and other domestic projects. Therefore, it’s important to keep garages well maintained and organized.

The garage is also one of the most sought-after features when it comes to buying a property. An Impulse Research survey suggests that over 80 percent of buyers factor in the garage when making a purchase decision. Thus, investing in a garage refurbishment project makes complete sense, especially if you want to boost your property value (who doesn’t!).

While upgrading a garage completely is a huge investment, you can start with a flooring project that can offer you the best bang for your buck. New flooring can instantly revamp a space, making it more organized and useful for a variety of activities.

There are several garage flooring options available in the market like modular tiles, flooring rolls, rubber flooring, epoxy flooring, and carpet tiles. The plethora of choices available today can make it tough for anyone to opt for an ideal garage flooring. Consider the factors shared below to guide you with this important long-term decision.

1. Versatility

A versatile space like the garage requires versatile flooring. So, the right kind of flooring employed should serve multiple purposes. It has to be durable, functional, and add a striking appeal to the area.

For instance, if you anticipate heavy-duty work like moving bulky storage boxes around, the surface should be hardy enough to withstand the wear and tear. Similarly, if your garage is a full-time carport, make sure you choose a surface that’ll not easily be damaged by corrosive chemicals, engine oils, or fuel that may leak occasionally.

2. Durability

From parking vehicles day in and day out to safely storing all the power tools and heavy-duty machinery, your garage floor is constantly subject to wear. Therefore, an ideal garage surface should be capable of enduring such intensive activities.

Opt for a durable surface that can withstand routine wear and tear and stay in top condition for several years. One garage flooring alternative that proves to be durable is epoxy flooring which is resistant to chipping and cracking and can sustain high-intensity usage.

With a durable garage floor, you don’t have to worry about the floor getting damaged every time you place or move a heavy object or indulge in other rigorous activities.

3. Maintenance

With so much happening in the garage, the last thing you want is a surface that demands constant upkeep. Plus, flooring repair and maintenance isn’t cheap.

Choose a surface that requires minimum maintenance and is easy to clean. Ideally, garage flooring should be moisture resistant and seamless or devoid of joints. This will ensure that the floor doesn’t accumulate the dirt or dust coming in from the vehicle tires or foot traffic, making it easy for you to keep the area spic and span at all times.

4. Chemical-Resistance

More often than not, fuel, lead acids from car batteries, or engine oil leaking out of a vehicle are enough to mar your garage surface forever. Regardless of the precautions you take, oil and chemical spills are inevitable in busy areas like garages. Getting such stains removed is a task in itself.

Look for a flooring option that’s resistant to chemicals and protects the ground underneath from its harmful effects. Garages demand surfaces like epoxy floors that offer moderate to high-level protection against caustic chemicals and acid spills. Such surfaces are ideal for garages as they can withstand most chemicals while elevating the look of the space.

5. Aesthetics

An aesthetically pleasing floor adds to the appeal of any area. Garages aren’t just meant to add utility value, they are an important extension of your living space. Hence, they deserve to look as striking as any other part of your dwelling.

Choose a garage flooring that elevates the space without burning a hole in your pocket. Remember – an eye-catching garage will recoup the money spent on refurbishing it. So, choose a flooring that not just meets your needs but also improves the aesthetics of an area.

Credibility and Expertise of the Flooring Installer

Besides considering the factors shared above, it’s important to choose a suitable flooring installer for the job. After all, no one wants to keep following up with installers on flooring issues that can affect the performance and longevity of the surface.

Therefore, it’s wise to choose an expert for the job. Research the reputation of the flooring installer and take a look at their past projects. Also, check on the warranty and after-installation services they offer.

For instance, if you are hiring a professional epoxy flooring installer for the job, ask them to show you pictures of the projects they’ve completed. Don’t forget to ask for the contact details of a few customers to understand the level of service they offer.

Summing Up

Undertaking a garage flooring project isn’t easy. First, you need to consider your needs and the factors that influence the longevity and utility of your garage. Second, the sea of flooring options available today can be extremely overwhelming for anyone considering a garage flooring revamp.

Use the information shared in this post to weigh your options and make an informed decision in this matter.