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Factors To Consider Before Buying Acrylic Nail Powder

Acrylic nails have been in the trend for a very long time now, and the fashion doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – at least not anytime soon.

And well, just be honest: Who doesn’t like long and perfectly shaped nails with best cuticle nipper that add fun and glamour to our everyday look?

Acrylics form the perfect manicure choice for anyone who wishes to own alluring, long, and fashionable nails, without experiencing the lengthy procedure of developing and breaking their genuine ones.

For those who are still wondering, Acrylic Nails are the artificial nail extensions that are a combination of a polymer powder (i.e., Acrylic nail powder) and a liquid monomer overlaid on the natural nail to make them appear more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits of Acrylic Nail Powder For You

Following we have outlined all the reasons why all the fashion divas must get the most fantastic Acrylic Nails as soon as possible:

  1. Acrylics can help you bid farewell to your nail-biting habits while shielding your natural nails from the damage caused by you or the environment.
  2. They are remarkably durable, with an average life of 3 to 4 weeks or more depending on your nail growth.
  3. Acrylics have now been in the nail world for a particularly significant stretch of time. Therefore, the nail professionals and artists have mastered the art and competence of applying and removing them.
  4. Customers have a plethora of colors, designs, sizes, and shapes to choose from that can be conveniently changed whenever they wish.
  5. They are a perfect way to cover those weak and brittle nails that chip off every now and then. Best acrylic nail powder allows you to do practically any errand without the dread of breaking them.
  6. They are easier to dry as compared to gel nails and do not require a lamp.

The Seven Factors before Buying Acrylic Nails

If by any chance you haven’t already tried acrylics and are planning on jumping on the trendy and long nail bandwagon, be sure to consider all the essential factors mentioned below before applying them on:

  1. Your Comfort Level

When you get your acrylics done for the very first time, you might need some time to adjust to them. They can make your hands and nails feel awkward and uncomfortable while making every other task difficult for you. The best thing for you to do is start with a shorter length and gradually opt for the more elaborate and heavy designs, once you start getting used to them.

  1. The Price

Get ready to spend your hard-earned savings on your nails because, as compared to a regular or a gel manicure, acrylics are substantially more expensive. On an average, a decent acrylic manicure costs between 60$ to 200$ contingent upon the style and the salon you are going for. Also, they require fill-ups every once a while, which can cost about 50$ more or less, so be sure to make some room for your nails in your budget.

  1. Deciding on the Shape and Length

Even though numerous everyday errands can be handily managed with no worry of breaking your nails or ruining the nail color when you have your acrylics done, the shape and length are two crucial factors to consider.

One needs to do their research and take the advice of professionals for the ideal shape and length that best suits their nails. Too long and too heavy can make performing everyday tasks difficult to manage. For instance, wearing your contacts, opening a can, typing, drawing, or perhaps getting a coin can turn out to be more challenging when you have those long and sharp nails.

  1. Regular Care and Maintenance

Like every other manicure, acrylics are certifiably not a one-and-done job. They require steady consideration to guarantee the nail wellbeing. And, if the nail health is ignored, and the dampness remains under, it can lead to severe fungal infections or fungus that can be disgusting, agonizing, and dangerous. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get them filled and checked every other week.

  1. Appointing A Professional

Although acrylics can be done and removed easily at home, it is still recommended that you get them removed by professionals. Removing them can be a little troublesome, and any wrong step can make it bloody and painful. Also, never try to scrape or pull them off; that is the worst possible thing you could do to yourself.

  1. The Time Interval and Duration

Having breathtaking long nails is every girl’s dream, and that is totally justifiable. However, your nail health is equally important. The constant use of acrylic nails can harm your nail health, so it is necessary to take a break from them every once a while. On the off chance that you don’t, acrylics can make your nails weaker and damage your nail bed. So, make sure to give your nails time to breathe and relax.

  1. Checking The Instruments

Even though your nail expert or beautician will take care of it, it’s still important for you to keep an eye and be vigilant of the instruments being used. As it goes without saying, nails are not only the most sensitive part of the body but also a reflection of your personality. So, any damage is irreversible and regretful.

Final Verdict

Now, get rid of the envious feeling you use to get while looking at the perfectly shaped long nails of your favorite celebrities.  Even though there are pros and cons to weigh, there is no denying that acrylics make you feel more confident and complete each of your outfit. Also, they are fun, trendy, and ideal for the ‘gram.’

Are you persuading yourself already to get acrylic nails?

You might decide to get them done as a one-time thing, for a special event or just for the sake of adventuring something different. However, rest assured, once you get it done, and your nails start looking so stunning and gorgeous, there is no going back!

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