In case there’s a huge stump in your backyard, then you will have to arrange for removing it so that it does not cause problems like interfering with electrical lines, etc. It’s not good to cut them down on your own and thus you should consider hiring the services of tree removal Melbourne companies.
Breaking the branches of the trees or cutting them on your own would increase the possibilities of damaging the electrical lines and even the house. These professionals offer services without causing any kind of damage to your property. But before you start with the process, there are certain factors which you should consider.


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Factors you should consider before choosing the professional firm

Area bylaws – most of the areas have certain bylaws which regulate the removal of the plants and stumps even from private properties. Thus, you should go through these bylaws and make sure that you comply with them totally.

Underground hazards –  In case a tree needs to be eradicated along its stump, you need to first check if there’re certain cables, sewer lines or gas lines which may be damaged.

Proximity to the property – in some of the cases, you might wish to cut down the stump that is close to your house. In such a case, additional care needs to be taken for avoiding serious damages to the property.

Trees overhanging the property of the neighbours – there are instances, when small parts and even the major parts of the tree stumps within the property overhangs the house of a neighbour. You may check what local bylaws say about these kinds of the cases. Moreover, you need to seek the permission of the neighbour before eradicating it.

Insurance – you also need to ensure that the tree removal contractor you are dealing with is insured properly for property damage or injuries.

Cost for removing the tree stump – the very first factor which determines cost for removal is the size of the stump. Wider and bigger the stump, more would be the charges for its removal. Location of the stump may also affect cost of the removal process. The firms may ask for money if the stump is close to the house or other structures, utility lines and power lines.

You may even be charged more money if the stump is sick or dead. Another factor which determines the cost is the disposal and clean-up of debris which is left behind post removal. The firm may charge you a lot more for providing the clean-up services too.

So these are some of the important factors which you will need to consider while hiring a tree removal Melbourne firm.


You need to keep in mind that you should only hire a trustworthy and reputable tree removal Melbourne Company.  Employing the services of a professional firm means you would not have to think about the ways of getting the permits, underground hazard, etc. You should take the quotes from at least 3 companies before finalising your final decision.