Your home plumbing is designed to handle daily use. However, many factors can cause plumbing issues, some are due to your negligence while others are caused by external elements. Whatever the factor, if your plumbing system encounters an issue, it can affect your daily life. If you encounter any problem with your plumbing system, speak with a reliable and experienced Edinburgh plumber to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Understanding the factors that cause plumbing system issues and the steps you can take will help protect your plumbing system.

Tree Roots

Yes, tree roots present a great danger to your home’s plumbing system. Tree roots are often drawn to water pipes in the ground. They may like sewer and septic lines as wastewater is warmer and contains more nutrients. However, clean water supply pipes can also be affected. Tree roots can affect your clean water supply by creating significant leaks in the water line that then create a correlating drop in your water pressure. Leaks can be detected by a marshy area in your yard.

Mineral Buildup

With time, dissolved minerals in water can build up along the walls of your plumbing pipes. This process severely hampers the water pressure, both in delivering water and draining it off. Mineral buildup can affect any pipe in your home and often affect all the pipes simultaneously. The most common symptoms of mineral buildup are hard water supply and low water pressure throughout your home’s plumbing system. The buildup can be removed by a professional plumber using hydro jetting to clear out the pipes. However, if the buildup has caused corrosion of your pipes, you might need to replace the plumbing pipes. Sometimes snaking a sewer line just isn’t enough to cut through all the heavy build-up. In these cases, hydro jetting is the solution. It works with all types of pipes and can be a part of a routine preventative maintenance program so that your sewer line remains in top shape.

Throwing Food Waste in the Drain

It may be tempting to cut down dishwashing time and rinse all the leftover food down the drain. However, this often causes problems in your plumbing system.Plumber

Certain foods, like tea leaves, coffee grounds, and fibrous foods don’t break down easily thus damaging your pipes. Also, dumping grease and oil into the sink can cause blockages. So, it is advised to throw your food waste into the trash and not down the drain.

Water Heater Issues

Water heater issues can hamper the quality of hot water. If the water heater tank collects too much sediment or rust, some flakes could end up escaping through the hot water pipes and end up in your hot water. If you see small particles or a rusty color in hot water, it may be a sign that your water heater has too much buildup. Sediment buildup can also damage the tank’s function like it works less efficiently and may even start leaking. So, having your water heater serviced by a reliable and professional regularly Edinburgh Plumber is a smart thing to do.

Delaying Plumbing Repairs

Ignoring plumbing repairs is a huge factor for plumbing system issues. Maybe there is a leak in your bathroom sink, but you don’t see a need to call a plumber for something so seemingly minor. However, while that dripping may not seem significant now, delaying the repair can worsen it. Also, it can damage your pipes, surrounding cabinetry, and wood fixtures.

That leak may be a minor annoyance, but you’ll quickly start seeing your water bills rise and damage your home structure.

Eventually, you will need to get that leak fixed. The longer you put off plumbing repairs, the more costly the repair will be. So, whenever you detect a leak, immediately get it repaired by hiring experienced plumber and save yourself from the costly plumbing repairs.

These are the factors that contribute to plumbing system issues. Being proactive about them and scheduling regular plumbing maintenance will keep all issues at bay. If you have issues with your plumbing system, get in touch with David Love for reliable and affordable repairs.