Discharge splint

Also called deprogramming or stabilization splint, it is an extremely helpful resin device to decrease muscle hyperactivity, for patients suffering from disorders. Future breakage, wear, contractures, and headaches are prevented.
Bruxism is the term used to explain the clenching or grinding of teeth, a habit that can produce alterations in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which links the jaw to the skull, and pains in the head, mouth, neck, etc. it generally happens during sleep, resulting in irreversible tooth wear.
For this objective, the fabrication de formulas de descarga en 3d also known as stabilization splint, neuro programming or myorelaxation, is a piece of plastic material and transparent that is located over the teeth of the lower or upper arch of the mouth.
The splint dissipates the loads move the forces of the bite during grinding or clenching of the teeth, relaxing the facial muscles. This relieves the tension in the jaw, which is liable for pain in this joint, but also in the neck or head.

What type of mouth guard or splint should you use?

There are different types of these gadgets since each one is specifically indicated to fight against different pathology.
3D dental splints are devices generally produced by the dolor orofacial technician and that provide solutions to different tooth issues. They are made of plastic or acrylic resin materials. They cover the full dental arch, are removable, and simple to use.
There are different kinds of dental splits, depending on the oral issue they correct and their producing process.
Depending on its objective, there are different types:

Retainer maintenance or orthodontic splint

Stop the movement of teeth after orthodontics. The use of retainers is just a hundred percent effective way to promise the stability of the results achieved after treatment.
There are also fixed orthodontic retainers, which do not relate to the splint family. They contain a fine wire that adheres to the lingual face of fang to fang.

Whitening splint

They have produced in such a way that thanks to a reservoir; they keep the bleaching agent in make contact with the tooth surface. They are used in household whitening. They are flexible and thick, they adapt rightly to the teeth.

Discharge splint

They are used for the treatment of dolor orofacial, which generates muscle fatigue, hyperactivity, and dental wear. The discharge splints try to relax the joints and muscles that join your jaw to the base of the skull, and instead of wearing the teeth, wear the plastic or acrylic from which they are made. They are generally used overnight.

Sports mouthguard

It is a type of protector that is used to save the teeth during the performance of certain risky or sports activities. These kinds of splints can be purchased in sports stores and are generally boiled to soften them and then introduced into the mouth to adapt to the arch.

Surgical splint

It is a splint that is produced before implant placement surgery and is used to plan their place rightly.

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