The structure that attaches a bone to a muscle is a tendon. The tendons of your hand attach the muscles of the forearm to your wrist and fingers. There are tendons on the back side of the hand and the palm side. They aid in the movements including bending and flexing of the arms. Therefore, if you are experiencing pain while straightening your fingers or bending them completely, you might be looking at a wrist injury or an injury of a tendon.

How is each tendon wound different from another?

Not all injuries cause open wounds. Sometimes, trying to lift heavy things, or falling suddenly on your hand can lead to tendon injuries. Regular activities including gardening, raking, walking your dog, golfing, playing tennis, skiing, throwing and pitching, painting, shoveling and scrubbing can cause trauma to your tendons. Even assuming improper posture at home or work can lead to tendinitis. The lack of enough warming up before rigorous workout sessions can damage your tendons beyond your belief. You should check out Doctor Looi Kok Poh reviews to find some of the most fascinating injury and recovery stories online.

Who is at risk of getting tendinitis?

Did you know? It is possible for anyone to get tendinitis. It is especially prevalent among adults over the age of 40. It can be a flexor tendon avulsion injury since the tendon might pull away from the connecting bone due to sudden pressure or strain, without causing visible wounds. It usually occurs in the ring finger. However, it is also possible to damage a tendon as a result of an accident that causes cuts or lacerations of the forearm or the wrist.

How do a hand surgeon address tendon and forearm trauma?

It is more common than you would like to believe to experience trauma on your tendons. If you are experiencing pain, or discomfort while trying to hold your fingers in a fist or flexing your wrist, it might be the time to consult a hand surgeon. Consulting a hand surgeon does not always result in surgery, but you need to find the right expert to take a look at your forearm and injury. Primarily, you will need a tetanus shot to prevent any infection from the open wound. Next, the surgeon will use MRI, x-ray and other methods to determine the range of the injury.

How to find the best hand surgeon after a tendon injury?

The medical attention should be immediate. In most cases, the flexor tendon can retract making it impossible to reattach it surgically. You should seek medical care within 7 to 14 days. Finding the right specialist right after the trauma of an accident can be challenging. However, following a few fundamental steps can help you find the best hand surgeons.

  1. Always look for the best-qualified hand surgeons in your area on the web.
  2. Check their reviews on their website, third-party review sites and their patients’ profiles.
  • Confirm their areas of expertise from their profile. Check their experience levels. Someone with a decade of experience should be able to provide better solutions to the problem at hand than someone who has just started out.

Any good hand surgeon will not try to talk you into surgery on your first visit. He or she will investigate the causes, possible non-surgical solutions, pain management and then consider the possible surgical methods necessary.