Fashion is not restricted to women; men too can make a stylish statement provided they use the right fashion tips and follow the fashion trends.


Bluish grey has now been accepted as new black in the fashion world of men. This neutral color goes with all the clothing that you might have and is considered ideal for all the occasions. When in formal wear it should be ensured that belt matches the shoes before you proceed for meeting at your work.

Dig the denim

Denim jackets are a good option for fall weather. Snug fit denim jacket with washed effects will add to glamour. It would not be difficult to get this even if you are tight on your budget. Just put together stylish outfit and use everyday basics such as chinos, tees, Oxford shirts, dark denims and knit jackets and attend college in dude look. Check out latest FreeCultr coupons to get the best deals.

Modern art for men

You should wear sweaters and T-shirts having prints that have been influenced by whimsical art. The modern art has had its share of influence on the festive season.

Mix your match

There is no need to wear jackets and trousers of same color while going for work. Try to combine various combinations and see which one works. You should try to stick to the basic colors and could experiment with beige, blue and grey.

Dress down linens

Keeping the shirt and tie aside, opt for whit tee and wear it with the Bermudas. Your linen suit should continue to remain in the closet waiting for some formal occasion.

Easy-go jackets

The deconstructed jackets could be worn for giving soft and casual touch to the formal look. These jackets provide lighter frame and are without shoulder support and are tailored for having loose hang. You would appear approachable at your work place.

Man with cool glasses

Presently mirrored sunglasses are very trendy in men’s fashion. You can wear these for formal outdoor occasion. These look nice on semi-formals too.

Classy and casual Fridays

You could select open-weave design; texture-rich knitted design or micro-polo neck at work for casual Fridays and also for golf on Sundays.

Cool basics

The value of plain cotton T-shirts should be understood as these may be worn with everything you have in the wardrobe. Even when you are unable to select anything worthwhile to wear, these can be worn easily. Get latest coupons and deals from SaveMyPocket to get great discounts.

Go short-sleeved

In order to pull off short-sleeved shirt, it should be ensured that your shirt fits across the shoulders well. It should not be too tight around chest or sides. Sleeves need to finish near mid-bicep and there should be space for a finger between the arm and fabric.

Go sock-less

You could show little ankle skin before it gets too cold. It would suit everything from turn-up on jeans to slim-fit trousers. But you must wear good pair of shoes because sock-less look will attract attention to feet.

Get knotty

If you want to try funky accessories with scarves, avoid very loud colors and begin with subtle pattern. Gradually try louder shades which define your look prominently.