A keto diet meal is considered as a healthy nutrition meal plan wherein the consumption of carbs is limited to fifty grams a day. Introduced first in the 1920s to treat people suffering from epilepsy, the basic idea behind the diet plan was to shift the elementary calorie source of the body from the digestive sugars to the slow-burning fats. If you consider the right scenario, the body is supposed to receive seventy to eighty per cent of the calories from fat.

While a lot of them speak about the efficiency of the keto diet in lessening the weight, only some of them pay full attention to the unfavourable impacts it can have on the human body.

The keto diet plan works by driving into the ketogenic state which by the way is not how the body is supposed to be staying. In all the diet is not supposed to be followed for a longer period of time. There are so many dieticians who have recommended to follow the keto diet in a cycle of three months. This way you will notice the best outcomes.

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How will a keto diet work wonders?

The basic rules of a keto diet can be easily followed if you keep in mind certain parameters. This is one major reason why a lot of people want to switch to a keto diet. However, before getting started you need to first get an idea about the type of diet plans available and whether or not it is apt.

Types Of Keto Diet Plan

  • Classic Keto Diet: This one is very simple yet not so simple to follow. This diet requires eating ninety per cent fat and ten per cent starches only. Properly organized in a four to one proportion, the diet is just as the one introduced back in the 1920s. In addition to this, following the diet consists of micromanaging the total amount of nourishment an individual consumes in one single day and organizing it in the right manner to the suggested proportion for keto.
  • Modified Keto: This diet is provided by a number of keto restaurants in Melbourne. As compared to the above one, this one is a less strict version of the keto diet plan. It is apt for individuals who are switching to this diet for the very first time. As compared to the classic keto diet, this one is easy to sustain.
  • MCT Keto: Also known as medium-chain triglycerides this one is a version wherein the simple eating pattern is replaced by ketogenic man-made fats, the MCT. MCT is easier to follow than both of the above-mentioned keto diet plans. The diet guarantees that only consuming healthy fat will give you the required results without facing any hassles of preparing the meals when you already have a tight schedule.

The Final Thoughts

We hope you have gathered all the information related to a keto diet and its types. Make the right choice and get started.