Providing your kids with opportunities to grow and experience new things will help them find passions in life. While they are young, they should be experiencing as many new things as they can as they discover their own personal ambitions. You shouldn’t choose a path for your child, rather you should provide opportunities for them to find a dream and give them the resources to chase it.

Amusement Parks

Taking your kids to amusement parks is something they will enjoy. Whether you take them to Disneyland or to the local zoo, the experiences they will have will create lasting memories for them. It gives them the opportunity to try new things and experience life in an exciting new way. Speaking of Disneyland, it is the perfect place for children to just be kids and let their imaginations run wild. The smile you see on your kids face and the memories they will always have is what will make the whole experience worth it.  

Sporting Events

Maybe you or your child has a passion for sports. Taking them to different types of sporting events will give them room to dream big. Most young athletes dream of becoming a professional sports player one day. In the Donovan Mitchell bio, it states he began playing baseball and basketball when he was young. He then decided to pursue basketball and put in the hard work to get there. He found that passion and continued with it. Showing your kids role models in sports can often spark interest and help them become more driven to succeed in whatever they want to.

The Beach

Nothing will bring a smile on your kids face quicker than the sand and the water. There are so many things to do at the beach. You can relax while your kids play in the sand and build castles or collect seashells on the shore. Or you can jump the waves and boogie board in the shallow end. If you have older kids, you can sign them up for surfing lessons and let them experience the surfer life.


Learning is an essential part of a young child’s life. Knowledge is something they will continue to have and gain throughout their entire life. Taking your child to a museum is the perfect way to help spark that desire to learn more. There are many types of museums, such as history, science, math, art, technology, and many more. Opening your kid’s eyes to the many different wonders of the world will not only give them experiences they will remember, but will help them become smarter and more educated.

Their Home

Nothing will give kids more experience than discovering their own home. As they grow up, they should know the ins and outs of where they live. Take them to the park to play on the playground, have them hike up a local mountain, show them different landmarks in your town, sit in a hammock with them to watch the sunset. They will appreciate it in the long run when they know how to get around their town and learn to appreciate where they live. Everyone should have a place to call home, it is important to make sure your kids feel like it is home too.