I’ve considered myself lucky to trade with the biggest brokers for 2 years. Some typical brokers are listed here: Exness forex brokers and the best ECN brokers, thus many traders often asked me some concerning questions of forex like: “Is Exness in the top 10 forex brokers”, “Is Exness a good broker?”, “Are Exness forex brokers reliable?”, “What are best ECN brokers?” and so on. In this Exness reviews, I will share any information I know about Exness to help you have an overall picture of it.

The truth is that all brokers don’t seem flawless. Even the top ECN brokers also have good and bad sides. To evaluate that broker which is good or bad, you have to consider them in terms of its conditions which are the most suitable for your trading strategies. As for me, I prefer Exness forex broker because it’s very trust-worthy. The best trading conditions are fully supplied for several traders. For this reason, many traders are attracted by Exness. You can’t find out any biggest brokers like Exness anywhere to offer like this. The following information will show you in greater detail.

I really appreciate Exness withdrawal system because of its instant performance. This outstanding feature makes Exness different from any other biggest brokers. It saves you a lot of time. It just takes you less than 1 second to withdraw your fund or to transfer money. The withdrawal system can run automatically without many manual operations if not necessary. In comparison to other brokers, Exness’ withdrawal speed is the fastest. To prove what I said, you can trade with Exness and other brokers to feel the differences. I’m sure that you will be drawn by Exness.


Exness offers 4 types of accounts: Cent, Mini, Classic, and ECN. Each type is different from another. Based on your trading strategies, you can choose one of them to trade. As a beginner I recommend Mini and Cent accounts because they require only 1 USD minimum deposit, so you can test your trading plans. You don’t lose anything, why don’t do try to make it?


No-one can deny the importance of customer service. For Exness, it’s a crucial factor for the success in trading. Exness deserves to be listed as one of the top best forex brokers 2018. Unlike other brokers, who only support in English, clients of Exness are provided with care 24/7 in several languages such as: Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese, and Persian. There is a team of customer service which is ready to have a prompt help from any traders in local countries.

If you’re not good at English, Exness will help with flexible languages in your trading. Moreover, Exness is audited by Deloitte, one of the top accounting companies in the world, so you can believe that all the information provided by Exness in any media.


For Exness, it has very low spread, even the lowest in the forex current market. If you trade currency pairs with fixed spread, Exness offers you the lowest spread that no brokers can provide better than it. Please remember that Exness spread is the lowest for the 6 most trading currency pairs. For others, it may be higher.


Exness offers the highest leverage possible sometimes up to unlimited. For inexperienced traders, they think that higher leverage will be riskier. For experienced ones, they prefer higher leverage because it’s a lot safer. Two traders open the same order size and deposit the same amount of money. The trader with the higher leverage is safer. Unlimited leverage means you don’t have to pay anything for margins.

In brief, I always recommend Exness in terms of many aspects: types of accounts, customer service, spread and leverage. If you choose a broker to trade with, Exness is an outstanding choice to make.