Macarons are scrumptious and velvety delights that are a favourite among people of all ages. The use of macarons has increased tremendously over the past few years. They are popular snacks for various events such as birthdays, Easter, Christmas and parties.  

However, these mouthwatering delights need to be packed in macaron boxes to prevent them from losing their quality, taste and shape. These boxes possess complete dimensional flexibility and can be customized in any shape, colour, and design to enhance the macarons’ boxes outlook. 

Also, may they be French or Italian, macarons have always ignited the sweet cravings in us.  And If they happen to have beautiful packaging, then they ultimately and undoubtedly become even more irresistible to buyers. 

Retain The Taste Of Macarons And Preserve Them In Robust Packaging Boxes

Macarons are edibles, and thus their protection is crucial. Food items are directly linked to our health; therefore, people are conscious about their safety and hygiene.  The thing which can protect these tasteful delights from getting damaged or contaminated is the custom macaron packaging

However, using low-quality boxes to preserve these boxes can be harmful. Thus, it is important to use superior quality macaron packaging boxes.

The durability of macaron packaging is paramount; therefore, the material used for manufacturing these boxes must be sturdy and of superior quality. So that one can use these boxes for an extended period. This high quality of the material used for manufacturing expresses our packaging industry’s proficient functioning and dedication to serve our customers to a greater extent and with the best. 

Moreover, these boxes are made with heavy cardboard stock. The thickness of the cardboard stock used in manufacturing these boxes can vary from 12pt to 24pt, corrugated, and Kraft stock. These boxes are shipped to the customers in both assembled and flat shapes. Such packaging keeps the macaron in its original form and maintains its freshness.

macaron boxes packaging UK

Show Off Your Brand’s Creativity With Printed Macaron Boxes

If you want to add more charm and grace to your custom macaron boxes, high-tech printing options are the best way to achieve this objective efficiently and adequately. Printing macaron boxes with exciting designs and images can also be made possible as per the customer’s request. 

In this way, we can add an extra influential impact on the product. These printing designs can be the name of the product, which is kept inside, the manufacturer’s name, the name of the brand, product pictures, expiry dates, etc. 

There are various printing options, such as digital, offset, and screen printing. Screen printing is cost-effective and suitable for printing in bulks. Whereas digital printing is a widely used printing method.

Colourful Macaron Boxes Temp Customers!

There are many other options you can use to make your macaron boxes unique and stylish. Macarons come in various colours and flavours; thus, their packaging needs to be colourful as well. 

A suitable colour combination can enhance the outlook of macaron packaging the UK. It can grasp the attention of buyers instantly and drive more sales. Furthermore, macarons are kids’ favourite; thus, it is necessary to pack them in colourful boxes. 

Because anything that is dull and colourless doesn’t appeal to the kids.  The most used colour schemes are the CMYK and PMS.  

Use Add-Ons To Glamorize Boxes And Boost Sales

Furthermore, you can use several additional features that can play a significant role in beautifying the macaron boxes. Attractive packaging can help you gain more profit. These add-ons include coatings, foiling, embossing/debossing, and die-cut windows. Moreover, the coatings are of two types; gloss and matte. 

The gloss coatings give a shiny appearance, while the matte coatings give a non-polished finish. You can also apply special finishing like spot UV or gold/silver foiling to increase the visual appeal of macaron boxes.

Besides, the macaron box comes with a die-cut window option. Die-cutting of these boxes provides a required exposure of the item to the customer. In this way, the contained item appears pleasant and more mouthwatering to the viewer helping in rapid purchases.

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Macaron Boxes Are Easily Customizable 

There are a lot of customizations possible for macaron packaging boxes which makes them ideal for protecting the products inside. These boxes can be highly customized in terms of size, colours, and shapes, etc., as per the request of the client, which makes it beneficial for the marketing of your brand.

Furthermore, additional support for the product, such as loops or handles, can also be added to the box. To make custom macaron boxes, tempting and eye-catching deco ornaments like ribbons and beads can also be placed on the box. 

These amazing custom macaron boxes make sure that the delightful products fill the soul of customers with happiness and sweetness even before they taste them. 

Uniquely Crafted Macaron Boxes Make The Buyer Think Twice!

The eye-catching appearance of custom macaron boxes wholesale UK helps them to stand out in the crowded market and helps in brand recognition. There are several additional features that would be helpful in this regard possible. A creatively designed box makes them more appealing and also helps in excessive sales. 

Furthermore, perfect shapes of boxes are very important for macaron packaging. There are a variety of choices two-piece boxes, sleeve boxes, and tuck-end boxes. However, macaron usually comes in boxes with two panels, bottom, and top. 

The bottom panel has sleeves on it. These sleeves help in keeping the product safe from bumps during the shipping process. The top panel covers the products inside the box and ensures that the products are safe from dust, sunlight, and moisture.