As a student, exams are a normal way of ensuring that you go through the system and graduate with your desired qualifications. Due to the continuous reading and revising that students engage themselves in, exams period results in a lot of stress and anxiety among students. As a result, in most cases, students will go on a break, or holiday after the examination period. However, taking a break does not mean that the student stress levels reduce immediately. Students have to find a way to deal with the anxiety during the holiday to make sure that they are also prepared for the next session. There are a number of ways to relief the anxiety during holiday.


1. Fun activities

During the holiday, students have all the time to engage in fun and activities that will assist in relaxation. Therefore, it is necessary that one take this opportunity to go in to engaging and fun activity that draws the mind away from school work and assist in relaxation. Most students take this opportunity to go swimming, hiking or camping, which are all activities that assist in stress and anxiety relief. When taking part in outdoor activities, students meet other people and make new friends that are going through the same king of stressing situations. These associations assist them in discussing the concepts and having a lough about them, which is necessary to deal with anxiety and stressing situations.

Travelling and changing the environment can be a nice way to deal with stress during the holidays. After a tight exam schedule, students are usually tired and ready for a change of the environment. This assists in creating new scenes and areas that they can relax as they unwind. Travelling to an area with favorable environment can assist in relaxation and help the students to get the most out of the holiday. A good example is that a student can travel to a warm place during holidays as this would allow time to be engaged in outdoor activities, such as swimming, climbing and hiking. Environment change also assist in making sure that the student is able to be detached from stressing situations or the environment that reminds them of school.

Music and fun activities or hobbies are desirable ways of relieving stress. Students that have a talent in music, or who love to be in music concerts have the best time during holidays to engage in it and to relieve the stress of school work. Attending music concerts with friends or taking part in bands and singing will assist students to deal with exam anxiety during holidays. Despite the fun activities being good strategies of relieving stress, one of the best way to relieve stress if to make sure that the students are involved in reading and educational workshops during the holiday season. Practicing at this time is highly beneficial as the students learn without the pressure of doing exams, which assist in increasing the level of confidence and understanding of basic but beneficial concepts.

2. Getting plenty of rest

Students might be consumed in to their busy schedule, but the need to understand when to take breaks so as to remain attentive and be productive. Due to the amount of work that students deal with, they are known to miss sleeping hours, which adds to the stress. It is therefore, necessary that students take naps, which acts as rejuvenators. When sleeping the body repairs all the cells that had been worn out and when waking up, you will have new energy. As a result taking a power nap during the day is beneficial in assisting students to gain energy for the concentration in the other part of the day.

Those who practice meditation have been known to deal better with anxiety and stressing situations. This includes training the mind to go in to sessions of self-reflection and to wonder freely. If creates a feeling of detachment from the stressing situation, which can assist the body in positively responding to the stress situations. Students can take time to meditate, think about their education and activities, as this can help the body to understand that the stress being experienced is necessary and to prepare its self to handle it.

3. Exercise

Other than going out and being engaged in activities outside to relieve stress, one can be engaged in exercises to relieve stress. A student should strive to maintain a healthy living, which ensures that your body is energized for the next learning sessions. Involving the body in exercise sessions assists in the reduction of stress and making sure that the body responds positively to the stressing situations. Students can exercise in the morning during holiday, before going out for other activities as it assists in keeping the body fit and ready for the activities of the day.