For all those who are looking forward to get or to try body piercing other than ears, surface piercing can turn out to be an exciting option to consider. Sternum piercings are usually located on the breastbone and can make your look attractive. It will make the chest area even more intrigued.

Though, because the piercing is located close to the surface of the skin, it often gets infected. For any given body modification technique, it is important to visit piercing places in the Gold Coast or any other location where artists have expertise in doing surface piercings. Following proper aftercare is the key to make this piercing look great without infection.

Let’s have a look at the post to know some useful facts about this piercing.

The Process of Sternum Piercing

Similar to the ear or other body piercing, the piercing expert will clean the area to be pierced to make sure that the skin is sterile. Then the artist will mark the area will the piercing will go exactly – to make sure that you get piercing exactly where you want.

Then comes the time of actual piercing where the artist will make use of a hollow needle to create a channel of the piercing jewellery to pass. After the needle is removed, the expert will insert the jewellery, and you are good to go.

Jewellery Options

It is extremely important to use the right jewellery for sternum piercings. Using a surface bar or flexible rod could be an excellent example, and titanium seems to the most friendly metal implant you can consider. Other than that, you can also use surgical steel as it is also used for other piercings.

You can also ask your artist to make use of gold as it could be an excellent option for jewellery but make sure that it is of good quality. For example, good with 18-karat is of higher value as compared to 14-karat. After you get the piercing, the way you move, sleep, and take of the piercing plays an imperative role in determining the healing of your piercing.

Aftercare Suggestions

It is no new that you need to take extensive care of the piercing so that it heals faster. Lack of care can lead to severe infections as well as rejection. Because it is located in the center of the chest, it is important to be very careful regarding the possibility of snagging on the clothing.

Cleaning the piercing twice a day using saltwater or saline solution is best to do and before doing so, make sure that your hands are washed properly. Also, make sure to new cloth every time to clean the area and to wipe it away. Make sure to seek best advice from the best piercing and tattoo studio in the Gold Coast o in your preferred location so that you get better results.

Sternum piercing has become one of the most unusual yet trendy forms of piercing. Let’s have a look at the post to check out some useful facts about this piercing style. Then comes the time of actual piercing where the artist will make use of a hollow needle to create a channel of the piercing jewellery to pass.