Horse racing running rail is a very important part of the racing pitch. It has many important uses and there are specific guidelines by the racing board as to how to make them, what quality materials to use, the length, breadth, height of it and even how to shape them. You must be thinking that why are there so many strict rules and guidelines to rails. The answer is simple: they are very important for the races and for the safety of the jockey as well as the horse. More on that later.

Horse racing is a very famous sport all over the world. There are thousands of races happening in different parts of the world. Horse racing is mainly known for its betting. Many people come here to test their luck and bet on the horse they think could win. Different horses have different prices on them depending on their breed, age and past performance. If you are lucky an old horse can win you a lot of money but on the other hand, a young horse in his prime can bankrupt you. The fun part is that these are not hypothetical situations, these actually happen. Many people have lost their homes and family due to these betting whereas some have bought more houses than he could ever have imagined. Therefore, betting is risky but could be equally rewarding. To make sure your betting is totally dependent on the horse, the people of the stadium work very hard to make your experience memorable. Hence horse racing running rails are made with care and along the guidelines for safety and for 100% transparency in the races.

Few Important Factors Regarding Horse Racing Running Rail:

They are some important factors of horse racing running rail that need to be kept in mind while building a horse racing running rail. These factors make or break a rail. So, anyone who’s building a rail needs to keep these in mind:

  • Running Guideline: One of the main factors of a horse racing running rail is that it is used to mark the boundary of the racing pitch. On seeing this, both the horse and jockey can understand where to run. Also, it is very important for the horses because they act as a direction indicator for them. These guidelines are designed such that even if the horse collapses with it there’s little to no damage to either the jockey or the horse.
  • Safety Bumper: It is important that the rails are made safe for the jockey and the horses. Hence the rails nowadays are made out of PVC for extra protection. So even if the horse collapses and falls on the rails there won’t be many injuries whereas if the rails were made of iron or something similar, the horse and jockey both would have been gravely injured.
  • Fixed Or Movable: Horse racing running rail can be both fixed and movable. You need to decide which you want. There can be permanently fixed rails whereas there can be movable rails. All depends on the need for race and factors like type of race or external factors like repairing of the field etc.

Horse racing running rails are an important part of every race even though they don’t participate in it. They are important for the races to be fair and for the safety of the horse on which people bet their life savings. Obviously along with the jockeys who train and work really hard for your dreams which you bet on these horses.