There’s been a huge surge in the popularity of CBD oils and hemp, and much debate over the legalisation of cannabis. Evidence indicates that people have found the use of cannabis, CBD oils and hemp valuable as a means of alleviating the symptoms of illness. Interested in finding out more about CBD hemp oil? Allow us to enlighten you.

Hemp or Marijuana?

Both originate from a species of the marijuana plant – cannabis sativa, but that’s where the similarities end. Marijuana contains the compound THC (which causes a “high” to those smoking it). Marijuana producers are able to genetically modify cannabis sativa plants – removing the majority of the THC and producing hemp (which contains less than 0.3% THC).

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is from the stalk of the hemp plant, and as the name suggests, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds. Hemp contains numerous cannabinoids (chemical compounds), including Cannabidiol (better known as CBD – a popular natural remedy that’s used to treat a range of ailments). Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a “high,” instead it works with your biological system to improve health and well-being.

Our bodies contain endocannabinoids (naturally occurring cannabis-like substances), which send messages to the nervous system relating to our cognitive ability, sleep, mood, appetite and ability to manage pain. CBD sends messages to the same receptors, helping you to get a better night’s sleep quality, manage anxiety, and boost your immunity.

The Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

Many people use CBD hemp oil to combat health issues and improve well-being. CBD hemp oil has been linked to easing the symptoms of anxiety and epilepsy, and there’s also been some discussion as to the beneficial impact hemp CBD oil could have on Alzheimer sufferers.

Studies show that CBD oil also effectively alleviates the pain and intensity associated with health issues and serious ailments (such as cancer), and that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD hemp oil can help sports enthusiasts to recover more quickly following exercise, thus improving performance.

How Do I Take CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD hemp oil is very versatile and comes in many forms. You can eat and drink it, vape it, use a tincture and ingest droplets of it, or rub a CBD hemp oil cream into you’re a skin (great for treating localised injuries). Alternatively, you could opt for hemp protein powder (extracted from the seeds and full of antioxidants) or go for hemp seed oil (less CBD but full of omega 3 fats).

Are There Any Side Effects Associated with Hemp Oil?

You might get the odd disapproving look from an elderly aunt (in their book anything mildly associated with drug use must be bad news), but aside from that CBD hemp oil only comes with mild side effects, if any. You might experience light-headedness, stomach ache, or a dry mouth, but if you have a blood clotting disorder or high sensitivity to THC you should be very careful if choosing to use CBD hemp oil. If you are at all worried you should seek medical advice prior to using.

Is CBD Hemp Oil for Me?

If you’re looking to alleviate symptoms associated with epilepsy or anxiety, are trying to manage pain, exercise lots, or generally trying to improve your health and welfare, then CBD hemp oil could be just the thing for you. Cannabis is no longer an unmentionable word – science dictates that it has something to offer the human race.