Nothing can replace the time you spend outdoors with your family. There are many fun activities you can do outdoors, and fishing is top among those activities. Whether you are fishing at a lake or river, there are some basic requirements you need to take with you on your fishing trip.

Fishing license

Once you identify where you want to go fishing, you have to look at the fishing license regulations and requirements. Ensure that you comply with all the rules before going out there to be on the good side of the law.

Fishing equipment

After you decide what method of fishing you will use, pack up all the items you need. If you are fly fishing, carry all the fly fishing gear, including the fly rod and reel, fly fishing line, fly, fly box, and casting.

Carry an extra rod and reel such that you will not have to cut your fishing trip short if your primary ones get damaged. You should also carry a series of corks, sinkers, and hooks.

If you are using live bait, carry coolers and buckets to keep them in. Some other fishing equipment you can carry include:

  • Ice chest to keep your fish
  • Long-nose pliers to remove hooks from the fish’s mouth
  • Fishing nets
  • Knives for cleaning up the fish

Protective gear

Safety is essential when you go fishing, especially with your family. Carry with you a first aid kit in case of any incident or in case someone gets injured. You should also carry life jackets for any time you need to use a boat in the water.

To protect your skin, carry sunscreen with a high SPF, clothes with long sleeves, hats, and sunglasses.

Food and water

Pack food and drinks for everyone, depending on how long the trip will be. If you only go for a day, a water bottle each and a small snack is enough. However, if you plan on going for a trip that you need to camp, carry ready make and raw food that you will cook later. Besides water, carry other beverages like energy drinks to keep you hydrated under the hot sun.

Clothes and shoes

How you dress and how prepared you will determine how comfortable you will be and how fun your fishing trip will be. Therefore, before leaving the house, wear comfortable clothes that will not restrict you from doing anything.

Also, bring extra clothes if you need a change because you might want to swim in the river or lake. If you are wearing shorts when leaving the house, bring long socks or pants to protect yourself from insect bites.

Carry waders if anyone leaves the shore and gets into the water, and to hold bait and some minor supplies, carry a jacket with many pockets.


Fishing is fun, but it’s more fun with some entertainment in the background because fishing involves some long waiting periods before catching any fish. To avoid boredom, carry your Bluetooth speaker or a game you can all play as you wait for your big catch. You should also carry a camera or drone to capture all the fun moments with your family.

Waterproof bag

On a fishing trip, you are guaranteed that water can get anywhere, and that is a ganger for things like your mobile phone, other electronics, and maps. So to keep them safe, carry a waterproof bag that you can throw them in and carry them wherever you go.

The size of your waterproof bag can differ depending on the things you want to throw in. If there are many, consider a backpack size, but if it’s just for your phone, use a ziplock waterproof bag.

Navigation instruments

If you are going fishing in an unfamiliar place, carry your GPS or map with you.

Before going on a fishing trip, always write down the things you need and mark them off as you pack them, starting from the most important ones. That way, you will never leave anything behind.

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