The terms ‘Ethereum’ and ‘ether’ are often confused. That is not a big problem because people often understand what is meant. But in fact, Ethereum is the network and ether is the cryptocurrency that exists on that network.

You can buy ether in three simple steps:

Step 1: Create an account with BTC Direct

Step 2: Create a wallet

Step 3: Purchase Ether from BTC Direct

After Bitcoin, ether is the cryptocurrency with the highest market cap. So we understand that you are interested in ether! Do you want to buy ether, but you don’t know where yet? View the experiences with BTC Direct via this button. This way you know exactly what you can expect from our service. The Bitcoin Dealers will be able to offer you the best information for the same.

Step 1: Create an account with BTC Direct

The first step to buy ether from BTC Direct is to create an account. Don’t have an account yet? Then press the register button.

To create an account we ask for an ID. We handle this very safely. Our system encrypts the ID documents upon entry. Store the data securely on an offline and encrypted hard disk. This data is only visible by our compliance & support employees. This is how you open an account

Step 2: Create a wallet

With just an account at BTC Direct you are not there yet. You also need a wallet to store your ethers. There are many types of wallets. Also read our tips for securing your wallet. For this instruction choose the online wallet. With online wallet we mean that you can open the wallet via your internet browser.

Now you create a ‘seed phrase’. These are twelve random words that act as a password to your wallet. Make sure no one is watching during this step. Note: The order of the words is not arbitrary and must be followed when transferring and later when logging in.

Step 3: Purchase via BTC Direct

You have an account and a wallet to store your ether. You are all set to buy coins. Go to our homepage and select ‘ether’ in the calculator. Create an order by entering how many dollars you want to spend. You can also choose to enter some ether. You will now see an overview of your order.

In the form we ask for the receiving address of your wallet. By entering this address we know where to send the coins. You will find your receiving address in your wallet under the heading ‘receive’ or ‘receive. Always copy this address, never type it yourself.

The ethers are on the way

Your transaction will be processed directly with. Your ether is therefore usually in your wallet within ten minutes. The exception is your first purchase from us; this may take a little longer because we want to verify the account number. In addition, the speed of the transaction also depends on the amount of traffic on the Ethereum network.


You have done your homework and now you want to buy your first ethers as soon as possible, we understand that! A short summary:

  • Create an account with BTC Direct
  • Create a wallet
  • Buy ether via BTC Direct. You can do this quickly and easily or your credit card. And all that from 25 dollars!
  • The cryptos are in your wallet within 10 minutes.

Good luck purchasing ether. Do you have any questions? Take a look around on our website or contact us. We are happy to help you.