Everyone loves a well brewed mug of coffee. Well, not everyone. Those that love coffee do. An expertly brewed mug of java is what gets quite a lot of people out the door in the morning. Remember those hilarious cartoons where the eyes are half-shut until mama gets a cup down, then she is ready for mommy duty? That’s how important coffee is to some.

How to get a good brew

Brewed coffee is not as hard as Rachel of the hit show FRIENDS made it look like. When she had a stint as a waitress and served her friends coffee, they would not take it unless she affirmed it was not made by her. It is quite easy to make a nice mug of brewed coffee.

All you need to do is to pour hot water onto ground coffee beans and then allow it to brew. Simple, isn’t it? However, there are at least three ways to do this. You can brew coffee using:

  • A filter
  • A percolator
  • A French press

Once you have done this, you will end up with:

  • Filtered coffee
  • Drip brewed coffee
  • Pour-over coffee
  • Ground coffee

Then you can happily join the exalted clan of veteran coffee brewers!

When brewing coffee, this is what happens:

  1. The hot water passes through the ground coffee. On its journey, it absorbs the coffee’s oils and essences, and then it goes down the filter into the pot or whatever container you are using to collect it.
  2. The coffee grounds are left back in the filter with the left-over liquid dripping into the pot.
  3. You are then left with the resultant brew of strong coffee for your enjoyment.

It is a very simple and straightforward process.

Drip brewing

This is the most popular method of brewing coffee. There are apparatus in the market that you can purchase to make your brewing easier. Many people want the automatic ones where you just flip a switch and the deed is done. There are however those who prefer the manual drip-brewing devices which gives them some control over the brewing process.

The manual brewers have stopper valves and other bits which give you control over how much water vs. coffee you use as well as timing.

If you want something simple for your office coffee, you can get the small portable drip brew that serves only one cup. You pour hot water in and the coffee drips straight into the cup.

While the paper filter brew contains no sediments, it is important to note that it lacks in some of the coffee’s oils and essences because they are left behind in the paper filter. Metal filters do not deprive your brew of these essences.

Depending on how you like your brew, you can opt for the paper filter or the metal one.

A good cup of coffee is great for starting the day or for that needed perk up in the middle of the day,A good cup of coffee is great for starting the day or for that needed perk up in the middle of the day, so learning the steps to brewing coffee well will equip you with the necessary skills to brew not only your own, but also surprise your friends with a perfectly brewed cup.