Your parents did all they could for you! Similarly, your spouse’s parents did the best for your better half. But now as they turn old, it becomes really tough for them to manage on their own. And if they need support and help, then you shouldn’t stay behind in lending a hand of support and company to them. Well, that is the whole idea behind the invention of the in-law suite actually.

Keep these pointers in mind when building an in-law suite in your property!

Today, lots of teenagers and even couples are opting to keep their elders with them in the same property but with maximum privacy. And so far, the idea has really proved a hit for both the sets of residents. This allows the parent to share the space and enjoy the bit of support and care. But, when you call the experts from Darcy Homes for house plans in Auckland, do guide them about the below listed pointers for your in-law suite. This ensures that they’ll build the best one for you and since they have ample expertise and experience in the task, even the work would be done rapidly and superbly.

  • The amount of space you’ll need The first step in designing a perfect in-law suite is knowing how much space you would require for the same. Do you intend to include a complete one bedroom along with hall and kitchen apartment, or just a studio apartment with a compact kitchen and washroom? Accordingly, you will have to plan the space and area.
  • The money you intend you spend for it— As per the requirement of your house and the amenities you are going to add, you will have to calculate the budget required for the same. If you are opting for a loan, you will have to plan everything with your builder in advance so that the loan gets approved by the time of the commencement of the work.
  • Are you using the existing space — Another important thing to keep in mind is whether you are going to occupy the existing space of your house or are going to build a new structure altogether in the surplus area of your property!
  • Does the law allow you the same? — There are some codes and laws by the government about the annexation of an in-law suite to your property. If the code allows you to build an entirely new structure in your property, then you can go ahead and start the work. If there are issues in the same, you can try creating a new space within your home’s structure or try to get permission for an entirely new one.
  • What spaces you intend to share —Sometimes an in-law suite is only a bedroom with a washroom attached and the occupants share the kitchen space and living room area with the elders. If you are okay with this concept, then you just have to invest in a convenient bedroom for your elders. If not, then discuss with your builder for a complete apartment type of suite for them within your property.

If you are building a nice space for your elders keeping all these matters in mind, we assure you that both of you are going to enjoy the privacy yet proximity to the hilt.