Free spirits are those who’re able to throw all caution to the wind and then hope that all works out fine. City slickers might believe a credit card and their smartphone will get them out of any trouble that comes their way. However, smart motorcycle riders, the ones who’ve logged enough miles to know that anything can and will go wrong, know that preparing with common sense goes a long way toward making sure you can stay on the road when things do go south. These are some of the essential things that we should never leave home without.


Nobody should ever use any type of vehicle on the road without proper insurance. You can easily get motorcycle insurance quotes online and get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. This will protect you financially in the event of an accident.


One essential piece of gear for a motorcycle adventure is a good map. The very best and most memorable rides are always about the journey as opposed to the destination. Being able to spread out a map before the ride gives you the big picture and helps to identify the best routes. Butler Motorcycle Maps are outstanding because they’re made from a waterproof material.


Even though we adore maps, you’re not able to refer to them while you’re riding, and you can’t program a ride route in. Even though smartphones are rapidly replacing navigation units, there isn’t really a good substitute for a dedicated motorcycle GPS. Most of them are rugged and waterproof and feature buttons that happen to be glove friendly. Some of them even offer navigation that’s voice-guided through Bluetooth, updates to maps, and even software for planning trips.

Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

Time spent alone inside your helmet, with nothing but engine noise and the wind can be soothing and relaxing. That said, it can also be nice to listen to your fave jams, chat with fellow riders, and hear GPS commands through speakers in your helmet. The Bluetooth helmets of today are simply incredible. They easily transition between a variety of functions and can pair with multiple devices.

Flat Repair Kit

The motorcycle tires of today provide riders with good grip in both wet and dry conditions and will typically last for quite a few thousand miles. However, any tire is vulnerable to things like punctures and cuts, and a flat tire will bring your ride to a halt immediately. If your motorcycle is equipped with tubeless tires, all you need is a good flat repair kit to get you right back on the road quickly.

Portable Air Compressor

Once you’ve fixed your flat, you need a good way to get air back into it. Alternatively, if you happen to be more of an adventure rider, you might have a need to reinflate your tires after having aired them down for better traction on the trails. Some of today’s flat repair kits will come with a CO2 cartridge or two, but if your tire is a large one, you might not have enough to get it fully inflated or even inflated enough to ride safely on. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to ride with a dedicated air compressor

This list has included a few things to carry with you when you go on your next motorcycle trip. Touring bikes tend to have saddlebags, maybe a few fairing compartments, and a top trunk for storing your gear, but if you don’t have one of these bikes, you may need to purchase an accessory that hard luggage or soft luggage can be strapped onto. Happy riding!