The world of esports is an odd and fascinating thing. On the one hand, the world of video gaming has experienced a surge of popularity over the past two decades. The rise of esports is creating virtual athletes that can earn real-world money and fame. On the other hand, there is a negative stigma that comes with video games – though it is still different from the stigma received by gambling.

As much as some might hate to admit it, video games are currently rising as one of the most popular types of competitive sport. There are fighting games, racing games, as well as the ever-popular MOBA genre. That said, just as athletes in physical sports face health risks, so too do esports professionals. Here are a few ways for future athletes to stay healthy, courtesy of

Have a reasonable work schedule

One of the issues that come with video gaming is the passion for playing games. While physical sports might force players to take breaks due to their health, the same is not quite as evident with video games. Before you know it, problems such as mental fatigue and poor posture could lead to even worse issues down the line.

No matter how tempting it might be for esports professionals to keep going for the sake of their passion, it is vital that you follow a reasonable work schedule. There is time for training, and there is also time for rest and relaxation.

Picking up a physical sport as a hobby is never a bad idea

While fatigue is one of the most significant issues that come with professional gaming, there is still the problem that most esports athletes do not get enough exercise outside of flexing their brains. Even with a sharp mind, if the body crumbles, the mind will often follow. Most future athletes can stay healthier by picking up a physical sport as a hobby. It would not be a good idea to put a focus on competitive gaming with both aspects, which is why your physical game will be a hobby at best. It will help you get some sun and maintain an active lifestyle.

Fighting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the conditions that can cause a professional gamer to retire is undoubtedly Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a harrowing situation where repetitive movement and use of your hands over the course of several months to years can lead to pain medication – and possibly surgery. While it is tricky to avoid the issue for gamers who spend several hours a day training, you can help alleviate the problem by performing hand exercises and taking strategic breaks.

You can also become a volunteer for varied well-established companies. You can help with arranging tournaments, offer tech support, or simply assist visitors. This would help you acquire required experience.

While some might scoff at the notion of a professional gamer suffering health risks similar to athletes in physical sports, it is vital to consider that the former is even more at risk due to poor posture and extended hours of training. The methods above will help future talent to play as long as they can without suffering from health risks.