The art of reading tarot cards, or Esoteric Tarot, is an ancient system of examining your fortunes. These cards can tell you a lot about your past, present, and future. Tarot cards originate from Egyptian symbolism and have been trusted by people over the ages to have their fortunes understood. They can provide answers to a lot of unknown factors of life by analyzing your fates.

According to tarot readers and their philosophy, the future is a fluid medium. It is subject to change and it entirely depends on the actions of today. Hence getting your cards read, can let you mold your future in a positive manner with the help of suggestions from a tarot reader. Readers can present the future to you in a vague manner and help you turn your life around.

The Tarot cards

Tarot cards are a set of 78 cards. Similar to playing cards, they have a set of 54 cards that belong to four suits – namely, swords, cups, pentacles, and wands. These cards are called the minor arcana. Additionally, there are 22 major arcana cards as well, which are of prime importance and carry significant meanings. These cards help the reader see your future and understand what each card depicts. The cards unlock a higher sense of awareness within you and help you understand the complex combinations of intellect, emotions, and experiences that form you.

Like the name suggests, the major arcana cards depict huge changes. They represent a life-changing decision, moment or incident. It could be a positive as well as a negative change and the elements that can help you stay strong through the shift will be depicted in the cards. The minor arcana denote smaller events such as day to day happenings and shifts in emotion. These cards can be used to help you align the present actions to favor a positive tomorrow.

The spread

The particular alignment or arrangement used to understand your fates is called a spread. Different tarot readers use different spreads to determine your reading. The spread has a logic behind each layout and the cards that fall into every position in the layout. For instance, the simplest layout is the three card layout. The Tarot reader spreads three cards in front of you. Each of the card and the order in which is placed holds a significant meaning. The first card stands for the past, the second card stands for the present and the third card, for the future.

Similarly, there are a variety of layouts that are used by readers to determine your fortunes. When it comes to self-exploration or deeper insights, there are specific spreads to attain that information as well. The popular layouts used are the Celtic cross (helps with dealing a problem at hand, step by step), The seven card horseshoe spread (Analysing the past and present to make assumptions about the future) and the Pentagram spread( Uses the elements of the world to make deeper probes).

Using Tarot reading to help you with life

Tarot reading can be a habit or a helpful routine that can help you deal with issues without breaking a sweat. Individuals spend years trying to find their soulmate or find the right job for themselves. Tarot readers can help with both emotional as well as intellectual problems. Tarot cards have been used to seek help regarding relationships for a long time. They can help you understand yourself better and help determine the qualities you seek in a partner. Knowing this additional information can make your search easier.

Sometimes tarot cards can also determine the approximate time period during which you may meet your soulmate. In certain cases, there may be clues regarding the place where you can find your partner as well. Thus a Tarot card reading can turn your love life around. However, there is no harm in being cautious when you meet someone online. According to an article on the blog at, you should always research a love interest if you met them online. This is to ensure your safety and well being. In the case of fake profiles or malicious accounts, a few checks on social media can do the trick.

Similarly, regarding career, the tarot reader may have answers for your doubts. A reading can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and hence focus on a career where you can bring out the best in you. Tarots can help you land your dream job by favoring the odds in your way and aligning the present to suit that future outcome.

The symbols and colors imprinted on the cards help you choose with according to your subconscious, keeping logic aside. This can reveal a lot about your underlying qualities and advantages. Most of the time obstacles are what prevents you from having a successful career. Using tarots to identify these obstacles and removing them with actions may be all that stands between you and your dream job.

Questions you can ask the Tarot reader

The queries you direct to the tarot reader should be logical and simple. It is integral to understand the fact that the future is subject to change at all times and it is impossible to determine the exact events of the future. It is pointless to ask questions regarding death and birth as these are factors that are purely matters of the future.

You can ask questions regarding your personal matters such as relationships, finance, and emotions. Tarot readings can help you understand yourself at a deeper level as well. Open-ended questions are deemed ideal to be asked to a tarot reader. The answers may be vague but will hold a lot of meaning and will help you on the road ahead.

The answers from a tarot reading can be direct or highly vague. It is important to understand that the answers come in layers and not all at once. Examining these layers and understanding them is what esoteric tarot is. Keeping your aura positive and taking the help of that energy to guide your cards and determine your future is a great way to stay positive and plan ahead.