It’s no secret Western society has an obsession with height. Every ad, TV show, and movie is full of tall, leggy models. Nothing catches our eye more than those men and women who stand tall above the others. This fixation on the vertically endowed isn’t some quirk or coincidence. Many people associate height with success and confidence. We’ve correlated extra inches with happiness, achievement, and self-respect. It’s a great bonus for those born with it, but this concept is a hard hit to the self-esteem of those who don’t quite measure up. If you weren’t born with the advantage of height, luckily there’s a way around your short comings. You can express your confidence with the help of discrete insoles.

Tall people are viewed differently; it’s just the way of the world. Whether or not you believe it yourself, recent studies have proven that a person’s height has direct correlation with their success in both their personal and professional lives. Taller men earn high incomes than their shorter counterparts, with many of them enjoying more important positions within companies. The height of the world’s CEOs is a good example of this. Despite the fact they only make up 3% of the population, individuals standing over 6 feet 3 inches make up 30% of CEOs. Meanwhile tall officials find it easier gathering political power in their hands. In fact, during presidential elections, the taller candidate has won more often. If you’re ready to cash in on the monetary advantages height can afford you, it’s time you discover shoe lifts from Add Height.

As mentioned above, height insoles are a discreet addition to your regular footwear. They’re easy to slip into any shoe — dress, casual, or tennis — and can instantly add 2 inches to your overall frame for a subtle yet powerful impact. They’re ergonomically design to fit the heel of your shoe, offering support throughout the foot and ankle to ensure they’re comfortable to wear, too. You can wear them for as long as you like, doing whatever you like, reaping all of the benefits of the vertically endowed.

In addition to success in the workplace, you may just see a difference in your love life. The confidence gained by your favourite pair of height insoles can make you more poised and self-assured with your date. Tall men do better than short men, according to a recent study of dating preferences because height is associated with masculinity and other qualities seen as desirable in a partner. Though you may not have genetics on your side, with a well-made insole in your shoes, you can access the same level of success in your dating life.

The benefits of height are many. Taller individuals are seen as more confident, and this self-esteem translates into more success in all aspects of their lives. From their career to their personal lives, tall people simply have the advantage. Tap into it with shoe lifts ergonomically designed by the people at Add Height. It will boost your stature — and confidence!

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