Do you love sewing, or do you sew as a professional? Whichever the case, you need an efficient sewing machine to get it right! A sewing machine that does not work properly is equal to a failed sewing project. Do you really want to end your hobby or profession in failure? Surely Not!!

A sewing machine will keep working properly, if, you look after its maintenance. Confused about how you can maintain a sewing machine? Well, it is not rocket science! All you need is some top-notch sewing machine oil and a few tools!

What is the Proper Method of Oiling the Sewing Machine?

Before, you start the process of oiling the sewing machine; you need to have the ingredients and tools in order! You also need to make sure that you know how to open up the machine and lubrication process. Another important factor is to reduce chances of over-lubrication! Conduct some research, by looking at the user manual and on the website of the sewing machine manufacturer. Here is the process of cleaning and oiling the sewing machine:

  1. Gather the Tools: You need to gather all the right tools to maintain the sewing machine. Soft fabrics, dust cleaners and lint brushes are crucial for the cleaning process. These will help you reach the most difficult spots and the smallest of spaces. You will be able to clean these spots without causing any damage, when you use these kinds of tools. You will always need to clean the sewing machine parts, before oiling process can begin.
  2. Repairs: If, you find that any part has worn down, or needs repairs, you will have to conduct the required fix, before lubrication process can begin. Just ensure that you use the right parts from genuine stores. A fake part could ruin the efficiency of the machine.
  3. Lubrication: Finally, gather all the products and tools, you need for the lubrication or oiling process. Apply the oil for sewing machine in drops. This ensures that you do not end up using excess amount of oil. Why?! Well, excessive amounts of oil can cause hindrance to smooth working of inner parts of the machine that do not require the oiling.

This checklist will help you clean the sewing machine and oil it properly for an efficiently working machine. Here are some tips and tricks to enhance the cleaning and oiling process:

  1. Always disassemble the sewing machine, some parts at a time. This is crucial, or else you will end up making the re-assembling process a complicated one. If, you disassemble the whole machine at once, you risk losing some parts of the machine as well.
  2. If, you are unsure, which parts need lubrication; you need to pour a few drops into the running sewing machine. The oil will coat the parts that rub against each other. This will make the lubrication process easier and hassle-free.  
  3. After oiling the individual parts, move them manually, so that an even layer forms around the parts.
  4. Any part that does not need lubrication should be stored separately. This way, you will be able to complete the oiling process without any hindrance.
  5. For cleaning dirt from parts and areas that are impossible to reach (yes, your machine has such areas), you will need to use compressed air. Use it to blow away the dust.

Now, you are all set to start maintenance of your sewing machine! Do not fret anymore! All you need to do is find high quality oil for the sewing machine. Many might say use vegetable oil or even, coconut oil, works equally well! Just remember, the oils that are made for lubrication process, have been designed especially for the maintenance of the Industrial sewing machine. How could vegetable oil or coconut oil, compensate for that special formula? Numerous stores offer top-notch oils for your sewing machine; find one and continue enjoying sewing awe-inspiring new creations!