Do you want to visit Asia on your next vacation? Are you finding it puzzling to choose one destination from the myriad of options? If you want to visit a destination that is an appropriate amalgamation of modernism as well as antiquity, you can start with Pattaya. In fact, this amazing country must be on every tourist’s “must-visit” list. In fact, very few countries can provide a person with such wide range of experiences and one of them is Pattaya. While in this country, make sure not to miss out the Yunnan province, a lesser known but one of the breathtaking destinations in this nation.

Pattaya is a city in Thailand that has been the epicenter of most of the travelers who prefer to visit Thailand in order to spend their vacation with their friends and family members. This place is very famous for many things as it has lots to offer. This city has to offer many museums, temples, beaches and many other kinds of activities that you can do during the day time. But when it comes to night life, Pattaya will definitely not disappoint you. Night life in Pattaya is very entertaining as the fun in this city never seems to settle down. Mentioned below are some of the places that you can visit to entertain yourself.

Gulliver’s walking street: Gulliver’s walking street is one of the most popular and crowded places in Pattaya which can provide you with the chain of the restaurants that you can enjoy in Thailand. The restaurants can provide you with some of the best in class Thai food along with the other types of food and cuisines that you can enjoy. If you want to enjoy some delicious local food, then this is the place where you must give it a try. There are many bars as well which can provide you with some of the best wines and drinks that will make you feel tipsy. You can bring in your drinks if you want to enjoy the night to the fullest.

Hard rock Café: Pattaya night life also provides you with Hard rock café where you can enjoy a lot. This is the best entertainment centre for all the night owls who like to party hard all night long. This place provides you with the mix of American and Thai music on which you can dance till your last breath. You can also enjoy varieties of food and drinks in this café and make your vacation more enjoyable.

But prior to heading for the preparations to visit the destination, it is important for you to the reasons which you must consider for paying a visit to this destination. Some of those include:

Pattaya, being one among the largest nations in this nation, boasts amazingly diverse landscapes. The natural scenic views are scattered all over the country starting from the seacoasts in the Southeastern part to the Northwestern deserts. The nation has it all ranging from fertile plains to mountain ranges and lush warm tropics to the snow-capped mountains. The beautiful garden views, as well as the winding rivers along with traditional architecture, make Pattaya one of the most coveted tourist destinations.