The shade sail is a device or product which you can use when there is a need of shade outside. It is based on the underlying technology of ship’s sail. Shade sail uses a flexible membrane tensioned among several anchor points.  Shade sails are useful for reducing the harmful effect of sun radiations and risk of skin cancer during a prolonged stay in the open.

In the past, large pieces of fabric were used to provide shade. Those shade sails were high on price and low on durability and protection. Modern sails come with broader uses owing to the invention of far more durable and relatively less expensive fabric. For most of the decade of 1990, there was confusion regarding its name. Later on, it was named shade sail in the whole of South Africa, Australia, and the USA.

Enjoy the extreme weather every time

Also, shade sail instantly transforms the outdoor space into a sanctuary. Now, one can enjoy the outdoors even in the extreme conditions with shade sail on the top. Shade sails provide optimum protection from harmful UV rays while offering water resistance and convenient shelter for rainy conditions. Shade sails come in various shapes such as rectangular, square, triangular etc. and sizes. You can customize as per the requirements with the available different shade sails Adelaide.

Durable design and 100 percent protection

The fabric used in shade sail is the tension structure fabric, which suits all the requirements. The heavy-duty mesh fabric is designed for shade sail. The mesh structure allows water to drain through while providing high UV protection. The high-quality and high-density shade cloth fabric offers style, performance, and durability.

They are designed using 100% waterproof fabric/material and come with qualities like fire and tear resistance, self-rinsing during rainfall and high UV protection. Shade sails are safe to use and an engaging way to protect yourself and your outdoor furniture from harsh weather conditions.

Quick and easy installation

The installation of shade fabric plays a relevant part in its durability. Stainless steel turnbuckle or a pulley system is required to fix at each corner of the sail. It can be attached to sturdy supporting poles or through fencing post with the help of best shade sail hardware. A shade sail can last for several years if fixed strongly and securely. The turnbuckle system is more useful for permanently attaching the sail. However, the pulley system is used when setting the sail on an occasional basis. For domestic installation, it is suggested to fix them with quick release snap-hook that allows the snail to drop down in extremely windy conditions quickly. It is imperative to install the sail adequately with considerable tension applied that allows the sail to take the proper shape and avoid flapping it in the wind.

Uses of shade sails

Shade sails are majorly used for covering residential, commercial or industrial premises. You can also use it in the lawn, terrace, mall outdoor, swimming pool side, front or backyards, playgrounds and so on.

With summers just around the corner, be ready to set up the shade sails in the front or backyard for get-togethers and BBQs. You can also go for refreshing pool parties with a stylish yet durable shade sail.