Coffee Culture

The culture and lifestyle of the Lavazza name originate from a world of coffee legacy and innovation over a span of 120 years. This dynamic company has inspired coffee creativity and staunch respect to move through generational pathways that resonate quality and a top flavor profile that gets better with each cup. The journey began in 1895 in Italy, where the founder Luigi Lavazza opened his doors for the first time devoting focused determination to passionate study in everything coffee. The standout idea this coffee brings is embracing beans from all over the world through a process they have made their own.

Lavazza brings combinations rich in taste and quality experienced in a traditional cafe setting in a product one can enjoy today at home. That gives rise to the way of life that so many consumers of coffee appreciate. It does not hurt the company that they are leading the industry with environmental responsibility with recyclable coffee capsules.

The Inside Scoop

Going inside the company and product, one must ask just what treasure is found inside a pod or capsule of this reputable company? A scoop of Lavazza coffee is contained efficiently in single-dose capsules with a purposeful design that eliminated defects possible of altered granules due to malfunction or water leakage, thus saving the final coffee drink that could rob the consumer of the true Lavazza experience. At this time, there are specified coffee makers made in 2007 with cups prepared and designed in this manner to protect and provide the integrity of the best in the brew.

Jolie Not Angelina but Lavazza

When you think of that name, do not get confused. There is a celebrity in its industry that is not Angelina Jolie, but Lavazza a modo mio Jolie coffee brewer. It is small yet packs a brewing punch. Housed with such a small footprint, this model features quiet whisper technology, which brings your cup of coffee ready to enjoy noise-free. With its ease of use and consumer friendly operation, it is quite satisfying to have that coffee or change out the pods when in the mood for Caffe’ lungo or delicious espresso. This coffee maker’s ability to make coffee that sets the mood for a relaxing and quiet experience, whether to start your day or at moments when you need a brew break.

Start Your Day in the Home Just Like Cafe

The cafe experience when it comes to coffee if you have not had the wonderful opportunity to partake in it, is one of the best…espresso. What if this experience can be enjoyed at home?

If you allow yourself first to be drawn in by the aroma that awakens the senses, then the full-bodied taste and deliberate compact foam atop will provide the rest. You will experience first the smell, then the sight, and finally, the reward the taste. Across the globe, the rich tradition of coffee making is derived from ingredients local to that region. Rich and unique flavors play a prominent role in the experience of that special cup. At Gimoka Coffee, we have a wide variety of products to help you prepare coffee, which makes your feet at a cafe.

The Lavazza brand takes great pride in utilizing the brew in other ways. You can have a cup or place it in a recipe or two creatively in a dessert or maybe a new cold coffee beverage. So every time a new day dawns make your way to the Jolie or other coffee maker and start the day putting the best tasting and well-made product where it belongs in your cup and mouth. Now close your eyes and enjoy the reward of quality the Lavazza way each and every day.