For your employees to become productive, you need to make sure that they are happy and content. For you to ensure that you know all your employees well, you have to engage them constantly. Once you have done employee engagement, how do you know if you are doing it the right way? In this article, you will learn the signs that show your employee engagement efforts are working:


1. Fostering team unity.

In today’s job market, as long as an employee is qualified enough, it is up to the employer to ensure that he or she is happy and comfortable. For an employer to be able to get the best employee to work for them, they have to come up with great cultures. A good idea to motivate your employees is by organizing Team Building activities whereby they end up bonding and respecting each other.


Through these activities, you can know all the challenges your employees are facing and manage to sort them out. Form stable relationships with your employees so that they can be free with you in case of any problem. On the other hand, the employees will be able to interact amongst themselves and find ways to work together. As a result, you will notice a rise in the productivity of your company.


2. Your employees stick around forever.

Your retention rate is a simple indicator of proper employee engagement. It is obvious that if a qualified employee is not happy, he or she will look for a job elsewhere. However, if your company can retain employees for many years after hiring them, it shows that your engagement efforts are working well.


3. Promotions happen within your company.

When there is an opening in your organization, do your current employees apply for it? If you find the names of people who work in your organization, it means your employee engagement is right. You should ensure that your employees are always motivated to come up the ladder internally.


4. Your team is full of spectacular ideas.

When you are doing employee engagement the right way, your employees will do all it takes to make sure they come up with great ideas to improve the organization. If you are in a meeting and you ask your employees if anyone has an idea and everyone lifts up their hand, you are doing a good job. A company that grows faster is one that allows its employees to work as a team and exchange ideas. Everyone’s opinion counts and has to be considered.


5. Clients have a lot of nice things to say about your brand.

Once you engage your employees well, they will respond by offering great services to clients. In the modern world, most businesses have an online presence. As a result, clients have different platforms in which they can share their sentiments about your brand. If your clients keep on commenting about how excellent your team of employees is, maintain that course.


6. Improved bottom line

The purpose of doing business is to make money. For your employees to be productive, they have to love what they do and be regularly engaged. It is impossible for your company to have a growing bottom line every quarter the moment you are working with disengaged employees. Therefore, if your business growth is constant, you need to know that you are doing something right.


7. Employees give honest feedback.

You need to ask yourself when you ask for feedback from your employees, do they tell you the truth? Engaged employees are always honest because their main mission is to make your company the best it can be.



If your organization that has employees that have traits similar to the ones in this article, then that means you are moving in the right direction. Every business owner should focus on employee engagement, and then the rest will fall into place.