A smile is a curved line which puts everything straight.

Wow!! Nice statement, isn’t it? Do you believe in the saying? I do. A smile costs nothing but has invaluable price. It has a huge potential to turn things around, to make good things better, to bring in life in the lifeless.

Believe it or not, a smile has an amazing effect around us. He who smiles always leaves a mark wherever he goes. A person becomes alluring when he smiles. He cheers up his surroundings by just passing a smile and is likable by everyone. He is always serene, sanguine and confident, prepared enough to meet the challenges of life.

Now, when should you smile and how can you smile?

When you see a person

We must always wear a smile when we meet someone. This one smile takes the next proceeding or conversation further. Things move smoothly and the conversation ends with happiness even though you may not get the desired outcome. So, smile when you come across a person, even you may not know the person!

When others laugh at you

A smile is very much needed when your friends or colleagues laugh at you for whatsoever reasons. They may pull your legs, crack jokes on your shirt or haircut and burst into laughter. Here, you must smile and let things go. If you don’t smile, the session will leave a mark on your mind and you will feel dejected or revengeful towards them. Instead, smile at them or their jokes and enjoy the session of enjoyment along with them. Only a smile can give you a sound sleep that night. So, smile please.

When things don’t happen for you

At times, we face situations which seem against us. Nothing seems to work for us. Whatever you do, the result is nil. You really work hard for a project just to find later that the project has been dropped. None is to blame here. You face similar situations  Affects of Smile everywhere… in your job, on road, in your family.. ..just everywhere. “Oh God!! What’s wrong with me!!!” You can term it a sheer bad patch of your time. So, smile at this. Let others and the Almighty know you are strong enough to tackle this. In fact, you should smile at the bad times challenging ‘how long can you chase me?’. Just smile and reinforce your energy for the good times which will be coming shortly.

When people talk negative of you

I guess, this is the best time to smile. Indeed, when people invest their time in condemning your work, finding your faults and criticizing your judgement, you should thank them and smile. This works magical. If you think what you’ve done is right, let others dig into it. This shows up that your work is being valued and so, others feel jealous of it. Your work is noticed and others can’t take it with positive mind. So, smile and thank them. With their flaks, you will improve more and hone your skills further. They are actually helping you. Let them go to dogs and you smile.

When you smile, this implies you are a strong one as well as a good social being. Those who don’t, society ignores them.

A man’s personality shines by his smile and is, of course, considered to be one of the most important personality traits.  You will feel energized in any matter,  be it in office, home, a social gathering or be it in an interview. Your presence lights up the atmosphere by its forceful effect.  Everyone enjoys your presence and wants to be like you.

Moreover, (biologically, of course) it’s a fact, if you smile you’ll always get a lustrous look and a good physique. You remain free from any anxiety. A smile is a great stress-buster, causing good hormonal changes in the human body, thus giving you a lively and healthy look.

Now, let’s look at the grey side. People who don’t feel smiling at all, lose every charm of life. They don’t have a relaxed mood and can’t bear anything wrong happened to them. They make their lives stressed out. Smiles are miles apart from them. Eventually, body responds to it. Body stops producing good hormones, giving you a dull and diseased appearance. So, smile and make living healthy.

In fine, life should be treasured with fun and smiles. Our life is a privilege. It must be enjoyed. Man is mortal.  So, why remain sad? Let’s enjoy life to its fullest. A smile works like grease in the machinery of our body. So, buddies.. smile please!!

My note: I smile a lot. In fact, I love to smile. What about you? Share your 🙂 smiling comments with us and make us smile too. 🙂