private yard 1One of the best things about having a house is having a backyard. That place can be turned into your own private heaven only if you choose it to be that way. However, for a private heaven to really stay private, you need to take some measurements. Building sky high walls is just not working that well, but there are other ways to make your private yard more private. You are not the first person with this idea, so here are the ways how other people solved this problem.


You can do wonders with careful landscaping and gardening. Choose the part of your garden that you want covered and make sure that you are aware of the angles that your neighbors have on that place in your yard. After that, you should see if that angle can be covered by some bushes and trees because they are the most natural and the most ecological way of solving this. There are many types of live fences that can grow quite tall and they can be very dense which means that they are perfect for this. The only thing that remains is to make sure that you cut that fence regularly and keep it in good shape. Also, some frames and even just ropes are enough to get those climbing plants cover any sort of space you like.


These can be very interesting and they can make an excellent and very creative detail in your yard. Check out online galleries of garden screens and you will be amazed just how much thought and design has been put to these. They can be made of wood, combination of materials, fabrics and different other ways. They position can be quite different and they can be so beautiful that they represent some sort of art installation in your back yard. Definitely the direction to think at, if you want to make sure that the part of your yard is not at the plain sight of all the passers-by and your neighbors.Shade_Sails


The pallet furniture has been very trendy lately. It is like putting together giant Legos and making them into furniture. It is fun to do it inside, but it is also very fun to do it in the yard as well. Your pallet furniture will need some good finishing for its use outside, but it is easily done. However, another good side of the pallet furniture is that you can make those pallets into seating but when you plan on making backrests, just make them very high. In that way, you will have privacy that you want and the space inside that backrest can be used for many things. You can place some shelves there, flower pots and many other things that cross your mind. Just make sure they are made well so that they don’t fall over. Plan them well and make them precisely.


Shades are your best ‘weapon’ against the looks and the peeps from the upper side. This is the case when your neighbors have houses that are higher than yours and when they have balconies or windows that have open views on your backyards. One of the very interesting and lovely ideas is to have some sail shades installed. They are usually attached on four poles that hold the shade over the desired areas. Just imagine the designing possibilities with those poles, shapes of the sails or combinations of more than one sail. And all that without even mentioning the colors of the poles and the sails. Therefore, if your neighbors have the view from the above, this is one of very interesting ways to stop it from happening.

It may be a little bit rude to build big walls over your yard and act like your neighbors don’t exist. Even if they are the nicest and the kindest people in the world, you just need to have your yard for yourself and on the other hand, protect your neighbors’ privacy as well. However, from the examples above, you may see that the physical obstacle doesn’t have to be ugly or uninteresting. On the contrary, it can be very decorative and beautiful.



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