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Let’s be honest. We all enjoy dressing in clothing that appeals to us, looks stylish and enhances our unique figures. It’s fun to shop, but when the prices are sky-high, it can become frustrating trying to afford pieces that would look great in your closet. You don’t want to look cheap in how you present yourself, and you want to build a wardrobe that offers incredible fit, function and fashion without making a huge dent in your wallet. Our shopping pros have put together some excellent tips on easy ways to be stylish while saving your money.

Buy Gently Used, Unique Pieces

Maybe you admire the fashionable looks that Jessica Alba shows up in but could not afford all of her gorgeous garments. Don’t worry about that because going the consignment clothing route online can elevate your style game. You can find some stunning pieces in pre owned designer clothing. Not only that but purchasing gently used outfits by leading designers is also environmentally friendly. This is the most sustainable choice you can make and feel good about. Consignment boutiques offer fab fashion at affordable prices. You’re getting a high-quality made item from a well-known brand that fits and feels like a million bucks. Don’t overlook designer ensembles that have been gently worn. You may score some true gems.

Be On The Style Hunt For Classics

Yes, trendy clothing is something you see often. It comes and goes, and sometimes, there may be a trend that you just must have. Go ahead and buy it, but for those of us who want to be most fashionable without breaking the bank, then set your eyes on the classics. Sporty-chic designers like Michael Kors are kings of the cool American style, where garments are made with structured elements as in pencil skirts, tailored dress pants, a crisp white, button-down shirt or pieces that show off clean shapes and sharp lines. Kors even favors sunglasses in the classic and timeless aviator style to complete the look.

Consider a pair of jeans in a dark wash in a timeless bootcut design. You will get plenty of wear out of this kind of traditional denim. Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi is known for her signature, dark bootcut jeans that she wears for a variety of occasions. Classics can be worn every season without worrying about them going out of style.

Take Time To Refine Your Vision

This is a good step for all of us to take. Stare inside your closet and examine what your wardrobe features. Let’s look at the big picture. Maybe you have tons of garments in grey and hardly any with pops of color. Or maybe you have too many blouses that practically look the same or too many sandals and not enough pumps. You get the idea. Take stock of your closet, and toss out stuff you rarely wear. You can donate them or sell them. Think about your fashion vision and what you would really like it to be. Then make a pile of clothing you don’t wear or no longer like. Having a style strategy is smart and forward-thinking. You can begin to rebuild and refine your wardrobe one piece at a time. There’s no rush. You can also check out social media fashion boards like Pinterest for some helpful ideas. 

Choose a Fashion Icon

That’s right. There has to be at least one famous person on the planet that you admire for their fashionable presence. Maybe you see these celebrities all dolled up on the red carpet or being photographed in casual, happening streetwear. Whatever the case, examine the celeb’s personal style, and then, try to make a list of outfits that you would also like to copy. For instance, actress Jessica Alba is one stylish star that fans rave about. She is often seen in outfits that show great proportion, and she never shies away from accessories like amazing hats and scarves and bags.


Money is something that’s always in the equation, and if you’re on a tight budget, then you want to be fashion-savvy on acquiring your next garments. Our advice is solid. You can be stylish while saving your money. Good luck!