Not everyone knows that Rolex and Tudor have a long shared history. Although Rolex was founded in 1905 as Wilsdorf & Davis in London, the name Rolex was registered a few years later in 1908. The firm was transferred to Geneva, Switzerland, in 1919, where it is still located today. The Tudor brand was registered for Wilsdorf in 1926 as “The Tudor” by Veuve de Philippe Hüther, a watchmaker and distributor. In 1936, the brand returned entirely to Wilsdorf. “Montres Tudor SA”, as the company is known today, was created by Wilsdorf in 1946.

Tudor has grown on many levels. While the company is experimenting with various innovative techniques and processes, it maintains a strong connection with its heritage.

You could say things started to change with the Heritage Chronograph and Heritage Advisor, introduced in 2010 and 2011. Both are interpretations of Tudor’s historic collection pieces made in a pleasingly modern way.

The Pelagos model is a diving watch that features a titanium bracelet with a steel folding clasp and a self-adjusting mechanism developed and patented by Tudor. This system adjusts the bracelet during the descent phase, contracting it when the combination is compressed due to depth and expanding it as the pressure decreases again during the diver’s ascent. The additional tudor pelagos rubber strap also has an extension system that allows it to be adjusted according to the type of dive to be performed.

Even though this firm has recently been working on the creation of more modern models and more contemporary reinterpretations of its classics to attract a new public, its tendency towards classic lines is obvious, and its watches have kept up this trend. This particular line is characterized by a fairly classic design and only three versions so if you are looking for a sense of exclusivity that makes you feel unique among the crowd may come up short.

So if diving is not exactly your sport or you are far from the water and you are looking to give a complete turn to the aesthetics of your watch so that it goes more in line with your lifestyle, your personality and it does not seem that you forgot your great-grandfather changing the straps can be a good idea.

There are 3 types of basic watch straps for men

– Business Casual Metal Dating Strap

– Fabric or tudor pelagos rubber strap, for informal appointments and combined with sportswear

– Leather mail for business appointments and with a suit and tie.

See which watch straps match your look the most and feel free to have different models and wear them as needed.

One of the best options that you will find are the tudor pelagos rubber strap, currently this material is not uncomfortable to touch with skin, not sticking so it allows greater breathability, it is ideal for water sports even if you do not go very deep, cleaning is simple, there are usually several options for all budgets – however it is usually a good idea not to sacrifice quality for price after all you don’t want to lose your watch if a bad quality strap breaks without noticing it – and as far as aesthetics are concerned the possibilities are almost infinite, in this aspect the sky’s the limit.